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The Digitization of Work and Knowledge: A Discussion with MWD Advisors and John Newton

Date: April 30, 2018
Author: Julie McClure

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have the potential to revolutionize business. Content management has been called a mature discipline, but emerging technologies like machine learning, promise new capabilities that we need to be prepared to embrace. To learn more about market views and use cases for these emerging technologies, we encourage you to explore a recent MWD Advisors podcast featuring Alfresco CTO and Founder John Newton.

A few highlights from the interview:

  • Code is secondary, models & learning are key - We are nowhere near the crossover point right now but the direction is clear, we are getting to the point where code is becoming less important and models & learning are becoming more important
  • Focus on the end-user - Programmers should refocus on the end users and the problems they have. If we look at the things that people are doing in those processes, there's a lot of tedious work that's out there. Deep learning is very good at replacing things that are predictable and repeatable.
  • A move to auto classification - Content, process, search and the administration of the whole system are fair game when applying deep learning algorithms. In terms of content, you'll see a general industry trend of moving  to auto classification. Nobody wants to fill in forms!
  • Voice technologies deliver promise - Voice can make it easier to integrate automation tech as part of the application flow with APIs that will hook in and help us integrate into that process--and cut out a lot of the paperwork.

These are just some of the insights you can expect to learn about in this podcast. You can download the full interview here and join us in our on-going conversation about these topics on our social platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn using hashtags #digitization #ai #machinelearning.


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