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Alfresco, the world’s leader in open source enterprise content management, helps global organizations share, access and work together across critical pieces of content. As such, our international workforce is the backbone that helps support our Enterprise customers and worldwide Community. I could give you countless reasons as to why you should consider furthering your career at Alfresco. but to let you in on a little secret we are a global, growing software company always on the look out for exceptional talent that seeks to “Do Great Work!”

I have worked for Alfresco for over a year and a half and personally it feels more like a family than anything else. It is refreshing to work with colleagues who live out what the company believes in — a mobile culture, staying nimble and always adapting to an ever-changing industry.


Don’t take my word for it! Working for Alfresco means many things to many people. In fact, here are 15 reasons why you should consider a career at Alfresco as told by current employees –

  • “I love working for Alfresco because the combination of open source thinking, cloud technology and mobile solutions puts the company on the leading edge of some major trends in the IT industry. ” Gavin N., Sales (Massachusetts, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because of the people — they make you believe that everything is possible.” Katarzyna C., Finance (Maidenhead, UK)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because discussing the Euro over dinner with a German and an Italian is very enlightening.” Richard E., Community (Utah, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because it is great to do great work with great people in a company that cares about you feeling great.” Rui F., Pre-sales (Spain)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because the culture of the company is a great place to be in. Alfresco has fun and intelligent employees who I work really well with. It’s been fun watching Alfresco grow and become very successful.” Harinder B., Marketing (Maidenhead, UK)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because innovative new ideas are nurtured and given a chance to flourish.” Nathan M., Consulting (New Jersey, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because it’s like “Mamma,” said the Italian. Alfresco gives me the chance to grow and face more challenging objectives everyday, while making me feel part of a bigger family!” Gabriele C., Consulting (Netherlands)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because I’m in charge to marry a flower and a bugdroid and create an awesome tablet/mobile application that all will love.” Jean Marie P., Engineering (Paris, France)
  • “I love working with Alfresco because it is a dynamic, innovative company. As a Trainer, I have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with a variety of technical aspects, which is very rewarding.” Lelia L., Training (Maidenhead, UK)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because I love the company culture that has been created by our leaders. This seeps down to all of us and makes it a very enjoyable place to work.” Courtney R., Sales (Georgia, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because I’m part of a modern, global company with a great team who amaze me daily with what they are capable of.” Daniel F., Pre-sales (Australia)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because of the diversity of people I work with. You always get the feeling of “thinking outside the box” and new and fresh ideas on how to solve old problems.” Jeff C., Channels (Georgia, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because of the incredible passion shown by each and every employee of Alfresco for the company and for the product we develop. Also, I am allowed and encouraged to create, to grow, to learn and to dream.” Ravi M., Engineering (Maidenhead, UK)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because Alfresco helps people. Whether we are climbing mountains in Morocco, raising money for charity or storing content for the NY Philharmonic for future generations to see, Alfresco is about helping people.” Jean B., Marketing (Michigan, USA)
  • “I love working for Alfresco because I really feel that my job is contributing to the company’s journey.” Jean-Michel B., Channels (France)

So what are you waiting for? To hear more about how you can join the Alfresco team and do great work, please visit our open listings here.

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Dustin Valencia

Dustin is an Account Manager for Alfresco where he is responsible for managing the relationship of clients in the Eastern US and Federal government.

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