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I can think of many occasions where I wish I had used Alfresco simply for its document transformation capabilities, which believe it or not is free of charge and if you haven’t already, sign up for your free 10GB account on Alfresco in the cloud today.

The most common use cases I’ve experienced so far is when business users complete a piece of work such as a marketing plan, brochure, customer contract or even converting Mac pages to Microsoft word documents.

Whatever the transformation, Alfresco have a fantastic engine for doing this. In the short video below, I run through how to utilize folder rules to automatically transform some meeting notes into PDFs to be distributed on a new site. Perfect if you’re collaborating with an agency, customer or partner.

Can you think of any other use cases that would make you more productive?

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  • It did not work, not able to register. There is no action after giving my company email iD
    I have posted the link to our mailing list and to my friends, and they are giving feedback to me, saying it is not working.

    • Hi Joseph,

      With Alfresco in the cloud you can’t use your email address as this is not seen as a business network within Alfresco.

      We use business domains such as to create a network in which you can collaborate on content. You can then invite others into your network to collaborate with you these can be business domains or email addresses.

      Many Thanks,
      James Fletcher
      Product Marketing Manager, Cloud.

      Cheers, James.

      • Hi James,

        This doesn’t seem to be working. I set up the rule and then initiate a move of a .tif file to the folder that has the rule attached to it, but nothing is converted or moved.

        Any thoughts?


        Ross Kay

        • Hi Ross,

          Sorry to hear this isn’t working… can you help me out with a few more bits of information… how do you have the rule set up i.e. is it when it’s added or edited. Also which selections have you chosen for the transform action.. one says content (which is documents) and the other image.

          Cheers, James.

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