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When customers begin to implement a custom content rich solution, they quickly realize that they need specialized skills to complete the project.  Many times, our SI partners are brought in to help with the solution.  To ensure that our partners have the education and experience to successfully complete the project, we’ve worked with PearsonVue to create two certification exams.

As the exams were rolled out in October 2011, we required our SI community to certify their teams in 2012. We want to ensure our partners are in the best possible position to design, develop and deliver these solutions as well as ensure high levels of customer satisfaction with the Alfresco platform. This formal recognition provides our partners with a differentiated value and our customers the assurance that their partner has deep Alfresco skills.

We’re proud to announce the first Americas Platinum partner that has successfully completed the required 5 certifications.  Blue Fish Development Group in Austin had their fifth engineer recently pass the exam. Congratulations Blue Fish!  I asked Jeff Philipp, CEO of Blue Fish about the certification and why it was important to his organization.

“Blue Fish has been a proud Alfresco Partner for the past three years and since then we’ve seen tremendous growth from clients seeking content solutions that transcend the traditional ECM offerings on the market.  To maintain control of their world, today’s extended enterprises require features for social, mobile and cloud capabilities that just aren’t found elsewhere.  Blue Fish and Alfresco deliver on these needs.  Having our team certified on Alfresco’s Platform provides the assurance that our clients require to trust that their project is in good hands.”

There’s always value in coming in first, but it is also worth mentioning that Rivet Logic also became fully certified one day later!

Great job to both partners for being leaders in the partner community!

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Joe is the Partner Marketing Manager for the Americas.

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