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Using Alfresco Share 3.4 and above? Formtek announced last week the release of 5 new extensions that’ll help you get the most out of Alfresco. If you didn’t already know, Formtek has been an Alfresco Gold System Integration Partner since 2007, and has been providing ECM solutions for even longer.

These extensions increase flexibility, security, ease-of-use and retrieval of your documents. Learn more about each one on our solutions page:

1) Peer Association: establish associations between documents

2) File Linking: allow a single document to be accessible from multiple folders without duplicating the document

3) Auditing: complete audit log for all files and folders

4) Security: more flexible security capabilities by allowing access control (per-file, per-folder, per-user, per-group)

5) Version Browser: display all previous versions of a document


Read the official release

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Joe Tong

Joe is the Partner Marketing Manager for the Americas.

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  • Jan

    some really & useful extensions. We (fme – a german Alfresco Platinum partner) have launched our Alfresco extensions gallery (14 extensions so far) some weeks ago:
    Cheers, Jan

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