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JoeGlassI’m not a gadget guy but every once in awhile, something does turn my head.  Google Glass falls into this category.  Yes, the first wave of people that have them look pretty ridiculous. At an Alfresco event I had the opportunity to try them on and see how they worked.  Awkward, yes.  But then I started thinking.

After an initial use, I can’t wait until the next generation of apps are ready to really advance the impact.  What if you could Google your house or car or office to find stuff.  Lost your keys, “OK, Glass… where are my keys?” and the room pops up in your house where you inadvertently set them.  Google your house..

Think about business content – how hard it is to find that one piece of content – a contract, marketing slick, sales presentation, order form, invoice, or form.  Finding things in one dedicated area is usually not so hard.

  • You can find an email by thinking of about when it was sent to you and a few words that relate to the content.
  • A file share is manageable by searching around date or file name.
  • Even application specific data can be found once you map to the process where the content was touched.

But what would happen if you wanted to search across all of these.  What if you needed to capture all information around a customer or prospect – files live in all of these:  your email, personal file share, application repositories and more.  Consider the harder use case – if you were looking for a particular file or a particular version of a file.

aiim ecm crossroadsAIIM Research from 2013 titled “ECM at the Crossroads“, reported that 75% of organizations have more than one ECM system and 26% have more than four!  For the knowledge worker looking for content, they have typically 8-12 places to look for information.  Talk about an incredibly inefficient process!

ViaWorks SearchWith the Alfresco Certified Technology, ViaWorks you have the ability to search across multiple content repositories and have results displayed back to you in a single window inside of Alfresco. ViaWorks is a lightweight tool that indexes content across all of the places content is stored:  email, exchange, file shares, Alfresco and other repositories.  Then when you look for any one piece of content, much like a consumer based search tool, ViaWorks provides a ranked list of what it thinks you’re looking for.  But unlike a consumer tool, you can filter on source, date, content type and more.  All of this is presented in Alfresco, a known and trusted interface your employees are already comfortable using.

If you’re looking for federated search across your Alfresco and other content repositories, check out ViaWorks as a certified choice.

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