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The dust has settled on a great two weeks in Barcelona and Boston, the Alfresco community came together en-masse to make the events the biggest ever. As we return to our day jobs with heads full of new ideas and approaches I wanted to take a few moments out to detail how we collaborated with our speakers to deliver session slide decks on the website this year.

The 2013 conference saw a big boost in the number of sessions and speakers. The speakers were from mixed backgrounds.  Not only was there a large emphasis on hearing the stories of customers and partners this year, but also hearing from industry thought leaders including keynote speakers Jimmy Wales and Andrew McAfee.

To ensure all of the great content during the Summit would be available quickly, we set up a special Alfresco Summit site using Alfresco in the cloud and invited all of our speakers to it. Here, they could download a standard template of our branded slide deck and upload their final presentations to a designated folder we created.

When a speaker uploaded their presentation to the cloud site (or any other asset they choose to share) it was automatically synchronized with an on-premise version of Alfresco using our hybrid sync technology (available since 4.1). This site is directly connected to our Drupal Summit site via CMIS using the CMIS API and CMIS Views modules. Sound complicated? From a speakers point of view all they see is the Alfresco in the cloud folder.


If a speaker decided to revise or add to their slides, they could quickly upload a new version that triggered a synchronization process with Alfresco On-Premise which Drupal sees and displays the up-to-date version of the presentation as below:

Using Alfresco and Drupal together like this allowed us to offer attendees up-to-date slides for each session as well as any assets that the speaker wanted to share with them.

All slides for the sessions are available at and we will shortly be putting the screencasts for each session on the session pages so you can experience Summit from the comfort of your own office.

Learn more about Alfresco’s web publishing solution.

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