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Recently, the embrace of cloud solutions in the Federal space has materially increased, as cloud computing is no longer something on the horizon or the wave of the future – it is the here and now.  Just two years ago, agencies were largely scratching their heads about if, when, and how they could comply with and overcome the myriad policies and barriers to putting their data, applications and systems in the cloud.  Though the convenience and cost effectiveness of commercial cloud platforms was compelling on paper, the concerns about being in the first wave of adopters and fears of making a mistake prevented most Federal agencies from taking the plunge.


But in the end, the value proposition of the commercial cloud—particularly via AWS—was so compelling that agencies began to move, en masse, towards it.  Following the NSA’s lead with their much-publicized award to Amazon for the C2C contract, the historically risk-adverse Department of Defense followed suit with dramatically increased levels of cloud adoption.  The year 2016 saw an abundance of test and development environments being established throughout the service branches in particular—and last year, the community began to take on more and more full-scale development efforts.

One area in particular that has seen a significant level of success is projects that involved content management in the cloud.  In addition to simply moving operational data and information into the cloud, agencies are beginning to move the associated workflow and applications there too.  For example, instead of just “paving the cowpaths” by digitizing existing forms and workflows, many agencies are now creating new applications in the cloud that streamline business processes that empower both government workers and citizen beneficiaries.


With these recent trends in mind, I encourage you to discover the following resources that show a strong case for integrating process and content on a modern, cloud-based architecture to help Federal agencies power digital transformation:


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