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New opportunities for enterprise content management (ECM) are continuing to pop-up as organizations look for ways to leverage the cloud to better enable mobility without being bound by the firewall or the limits of an out-of-date IT infrastructure.

Trends in mobility and the rise of cloud-based content services have increased user expectations (and options), but businesses still need to manage custom processes, integrate with existing data and systems as well as ensure content security meets compliance regulations.  These requirements are leading enterprises to hybrid ECM strategies that combine the agility of the cloud with the requirements of the enterprise.

Earlier this month, Alfresco founder and CTO, John Newton and Research Director at 451 Research, Alan Pelz-Sharpe conducted a compelling webinar around the future of ECM.

During the conversation, John and Alan discussed the loss of content control and the unique opportunity enterprises have to tackle the silos around shared drives and email addiction that continues to be the main gateway to access content. While business processes remain essential to everything we do, transactional processes tend to be more difficult to automate. As users continue to become more tech savvy we will see a greater need for these difficult process to be automated easily and effectively.

The future of ECM is moving towards hybrid and customers, such as UCA, which is using Alfresco as a mobile document management platform and Estrella Galicia, using Alfresco to streamline processes and workflows on mobile devices are just a few examples of how organizations are starting to embrace technology that empowers the future of ECM.

Interested in hearing more from John and Alan on how hybrid is enabling today’s enterprise users? Check out the link above that goes to the webinar recording.

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Jean Cameron is the Field Marketing manager for the Americas and ANZ. Located in Detroit, MI, she is passionate about technology and helping companies become more efficient and productive. She is an avid hockey fan. Go wings!

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