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You know that your legacy Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system is no longer flexible enough to help your business meet its strategic goals. But the headache of replacing your legacy system and migrating all that content keeps you from doing what you know needs to be done.  Does that sound familiar?

But according to AIIM, the organization run by and for information professionals, outdated software is holding back enterprises from achieving key business outcomes. It’s putting you at risk. And they say it’s actually costing you more than a new system.

Despite the availability of modern, open solutions, many organisations still rely on ageing systems to manage their information. Frequently, these legacy systems are grounded in architecture unsuitable for the modern era and don’t meet the demands of today’s workforce.

AIIM say that there are six signs it’s time to move on from your legacy ECM and have put together this summary of them in the infographic below.


Want to learn more? Read the whole story by downloading the AIIM Cost of Standing Still eBook now.

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