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Incorporating strategic information governance into one’s business is becoming increasingly more important, especially given recent compliance mandates such as GDPR, NARA, 23 NYCRR 500 and others. Companies are realizing that turning a blind eye to information governance and compliance is not only impossible these days, but it’s in their best interest to make the experience run efficiently, automatically and invisibly. We’ve recently touched on the concept of invisible information governance in a webinar with Analyst & Founder of Deep Analysis, Alan Pelz-Sharpe and our very own Director of Business Solutions, George Parapadakis.

To delve into this topic further, we wanted to share a helpful visual tool that hones in on the topic of building-in information governance into your business content and process solutions. If you like what you’re seeing, we invite you to access an even richer experience about information governance in our IT Strategist’s Guide to Transforming ECM.

Infogov infographic

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