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Ephesoft image Have you ever been up to your ears in paper?  Sometimes it’s easy to feel that way.  It’s amazing how many companies are still using paper-based processes.  Automating processes can help but that leaves companies wondering what to do with the old static content – that they still need.

Today Alfresco announced a strategic partnership with Ephesoft, an open source content capture company.  The integration of Alfresco and Ephesoft allows customers to turn static content into dynamic, searchable text that organizations can leverage across many different business applications including accounts payable/billing, contract management, insurance claims, patient records, government documents, invoices, or sales orders.

Here’s how an automated business process works with the Alfresco/Ephesoft integration:

  • Ephesoft tracks documents via scanners, email and fax as soon as they arrive (not after the document is scanned).
  • Ephesoft then automates the content ingestion process by sorting, classifying and extracting important data from the documents. Ephesoft can also initiate document capture from Alfresco and process the document while keeping it in its original repository.
  • Information such as dates, load numbers, policy numbers, claim numbers, invoice numbers, bar-coded values, table line items…are automatically extracted.
  • Once the documents are sorted, classified and extracted automatically, they are delivered to their destination. This could be a line of business, a specific user, a branch office or a back end system such as Alfresco.  Using Alfresco, companies can automatically initiate a workflow based on the specific document.

What are the benefits of integrating with Ephesoft?

  • Ephesoft reduces Document Capture and Mailroom Automation costs by up to 90% compared to proprietary systems. Combine these saving with Alfresco and companies can dramatically reduce the costs of automating document centric business processes!
  • Ephesoft mailroom automation brings easy to use and easy to configure solutions to anyone that receives hard copy documents, emails and faxes.
  • With Ephesoft and Alfresco, organizations and developers have access to a wide array of functionalities.

This integration will help organizations leverage both new and old content in smarter more efficient ways. As John Newton said in today’s press release, “The range of possible applications for content and capture optimization is infinite from mortgage loan processing, to the digitalization of medical records to the preservation of historical and cultural documents to accounts payable processes.”

Alfresco will continue to look for strategic partners that will allow help our customers unlock the power of their information.

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Jerome Agnola

Sr. Director, Business Development @Alfresco

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