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All organizations make use of processes to get things done from insurance claims, to government records, to legal contracts and customer invoices. Most of these processes require paper or electronic information to work, but where is all that information? Where can one find it? According to the recent AIIM Infographic, over 50 percent of business’ enterprise content is held in a non-ECM business system. The real benefit comes when you integrate ECM and business processes together.

AIIM + Alfresco Infographic from Alfresco Software

Enterprise content plays a critical role in business processes, yet too many organizations still struggle with lack of automation particularly when processes are people-intensive, variable and loosely structured.  Digital disruption in the form of increased mobility, social content and cloud-based collaboration only compounds these challenges as content, users and processes are more diverse and more distributed than ever.

On July 30th, Alfresco’s CMO, Todd Barr, and Forrester Research Vice President and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair will be sharing more about how your organization can benefit from taking a more process-centric approach to content management using new, flexible tools. You won’t want to miss it!


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