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Everywhere you look there seems to be more news related to mobile computing – from new devices, to mobile computing stats, to mobile apps.  With all the news, it’s easy to see why implementing a mobile computing strategy can be overwhelming.  But it doesn’t have to be!  The key to a mobile strategy is not which device you use, but making your content mobile.

At Alfresco, that is exactly what we have been helping customers like PhenoPath Laboratories do with our Alfresco Mobile and Cloud computing strategies.  With our cloud strategy, your content is secure and available on the device of your choice including both smart phones and tablets.  Alfresco Mobile ensures that your Alfresco content syncs seamlessly and is available behind the firewall or in the cloud and secure for these mobile devices.  We make mobile simple and the benefits are easy to see.

As a physician-owned pathology reference laboratory, in just six short months PhenoPath saw a 98% improvement in the on-time completion of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documents by using Alfresco on the iPad.  The Alfresco and iPad solution replaces an inefficient manual system that included clip boards and data entry.  Here is how the solution works:

With the help of Reva Solutions, PhenoPath implemented Alfresco as the central document repository for all its SOPs including customized workflows for document approval at different steps in the process. Reva built a custom mobile application to integrate competency assessments within Alfresco using XML forms. This replaced the manual assessments performed by PhenoPath supervisors. Assessments developed as templates are now stored in the Alfresco repository where they can be accessed at any time via an iPad application.

Using this mobile solution, a supervisor can now observe the employee performing his or her job and record the results on the iPad. After a successful completion of the assessment, both the employee and supervisor will be able to signoff directly on the iPad resulting in the record being immediately stored in the employee’s training file. This system eliminates paperwork altogether and ensures proper record keeping for easy verification of whether a competency assessment has been performed for any given employee. Not only has the new mobile solution made SOP management painless, but it has reduced the company’s risk of noncompliance.

Mobile solutions do not need to be complicated or limited to field workers.  PhenoPath is an excellent example of how mobile technology can be used securely and safely in a highly regulated industry.

We want to know, how is your business using mobile technology?

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