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This will be welcome news to developers in the crowd: The Alfresco artifacts for both Enterprise and Community are now available at This means developers using a build tool that knows how to pull dependencies out of a repository, like Maven, Gradle, etc., can build their applications and their chosen tool will download the Alfresco JAR and WAR files for them automatically.

Many of you know that Gab Columbro has been maintaining an unofficial repository of Community artifacts for years. Now that the repository is official, it includes the Enterprise artifacts. Premier and Premier Advantage customers can even get hotfixes. The repository also includes Activiti and Spring Surf artifacts.

Aside from not having to manually download the Alfresco, Activiti, and Surf JARs, if you are using an IDE that can talk to an artifact repository (like Eclipse) you can configure it to automatically associate the Alfresco source code and Javadoc with the JAR files which facilitates faster development and easier debugging.

I’m excited to see this–it’s good for developers. It’s one of the many things we’re working on to improve developer ergonomics.

It took several people internally to make this happen, but there is no way it would have happened without Gab’s tireless dedication and passion. Thanks, Gab!

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Jeff Potts

Jeff Potts is the Chief Community Officer of Alfresco Software. Jeff has been working with Alfresco since 2005 and has 20 years of content management, document management, and collaboration experience. Jeff wrote the first developer-focused book on Alfresco, the Alfresco Developer Guide, and recently co-authored CMIS & Apache Chemistry in Action. Follow Jeff on his blog at

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  • Jeff,

    thanks for the very kind words: seeing this happen has always mattered a lot to me, because I believe it’s one more great step towards a flourishing and scalable ecosystem for the product I’m in love with, Alfresco 🙂

    Nevertheless, as you say, it took many people for making this happen and I want to specially thank Peter, for supporting me on this since the very beginning, Samuel, for being the guy who actually ‘made it happen’!

    I really hope this is gonna a a blast for Alfresco Developers!

    • Petar Zrinscak

      FINALLY. We have been waiting for this for 2 years. Thank you very much.

    • Daniel Gradečak

      Congrats guys 😉

      @gab after so many years something really usable is there 😉

  • Petar Zrinscak

    It would be great to have a repository with enterprise artifacts too. This would be for partners only and password protected of course.

    • Petar,

      This is already in place. Check the Partner Portal for details.


  • Hi Jeff,

    I recently checked the repository, but it seems that the dependencies are missing for the jar files.

    If we include a jar file in our pom, it should also gather all its required dependencies, but such (vital) information is not in the repository pom files.


  • This is great news! So glad to hear that we’ll be able to get the enterprise artifacts, too.

  • Thanks for the participation to this issue we are proud to announce the release of the fully fledged Maven Alfresco SDK 1.0, which solves some long standing issues like:
    – Support for Enterprise Artifacts
    – Being ALF-14353 resolved, we also have POMs for each dependency
    – Support for AMP Unit testing
    – Full run embedded, no download needed

    You can find detailed docs at


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