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As the Spanish market leader in cleaning services, private security, maintenance, temp work, environmental management and more, Grupo Eulen has lots of employees and even more employee records.

Currently, the company has a workforce of almost 80,000, making it one of the biggest employers in Spain, with operations in Spain, Portugal, the United States and much of Latin America.

In addition to the more than 150,000 contracts generated by the company, Grupo Eulen also has a full file for each of its employees that contains 30-50 pages of contracts, historical records, training documents, pay slips and more – all of which must be updated annually.

Grupo Eulen needed an efficient management platform to help with this high volume of documents and looked to Alfresco for a solution.

The objective was clear: the company wanted a business platform that would allow them to go paperless, while at the same time improving access to and control over information both from its offices in Spain as well as those in other countries.

The first step was to clean up and organize all of the information so that it fit into a standard document model. Alfresco helped form the company’s business rules and created advanced workflows to map the lifecycle of all the different documents. Then, “virtual files” were implemented, designed to label and store every document in all of the company’s employee files.

The result was the ability to quickly and efficiently load, classify, search, display and process documents into reports.

Today, more than 100 employees at Grupo Eulen use Alfresco for fast and secure access to critical information. Once the employee file solution has been fully implemented, the company plans to expand the scope of the platform to cover other types of company documents in the cloud, which will make information available around the clock both inside and outside the office.

Watch this short video to learn more about how Alfresco helped Grupo Eulen gain a competitive edge with document management, saving them both time and money.

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