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July is the month to celebrate freedom – both for society and for choosing open source.  While the latter may not be top of mind, it’s a freedom that Alfresco is enabling for government organizations by providing a trusted, open platform for highly scalable, enterprise content management (ECM).  Additionally, this week we announced that we’ll be joining forces with Armedia, a company recognized as an ECM expert in the government sector.  The partnership will bring a cleared capability for providing Alfresco training to our federal government customers.

Independence is defined as freedom from dependence on or control by another person, organization or state.  Government organizations will never be completely free from control, and in fact are struggling more than ever to demonstrate transparency and accountability while still adhering to audit requirements and strong internal control.  With the Alfresco Platform, they can now have access to a cost effective content management that enables more independent control while at the same time encourages innovation.  With Armedia joining the family of Alfresco’s certified training partners, we’re well positioned to drive even more open source adoption in this sector.     

Alfresco understands the immediate needs of governments – contributing to the fact that over 25% of Alfresco customers are within the government sector.   Unlike competitors, we provide a cost-effective model that allows organizations to scale without counting users.  The open standard enables interoperability with existing applications, desktop software and enterprise infrastructure and can be built out quickly to deploy to the business and modify as the needs of the organization change.   Alfresco allows the freedom of choice since there are no vendor lock-in issues – ever.

Additional facts include:
·         Alfresco’s Records Management module is DoD 5015.02 Certified

·         We support SLA Indemnification Warranty

·         Minimizes risk and secures content by limiting exposure

·         Complies with regulation, enables access to audit information

·         Enables consolidation to use only one repository

Additionally, Alfresco and Armedia is showcasing our case management solution this week at the FOSE Conference & Expo July 19 – 21 at booth number 221 and would love to see you if you happen to be at the show.  Keep checking back on the blog for more information as Alfresco further drives open-source adoption among federal government agencies.

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Michael is now with his 4th Open Source Corporation after a previous 10+ yr developer career in the 90's utilizing OSS technologies such as MySQL, Linux and all things Apache.

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