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This post kicks off a three-part series we are doing on mobility leading up to some exciting integration announcements we are making later this month. Follow us here so you don’t miss them! 

I heard an analyst say this recently and think it is spot-on. Mobility is of course having a huge impact on content.  It is increasingly integrated into almost every step of the content lifecycle:

We need to manage content that is being created and captured on mobile devices, make it accessible for access and sharing via mobile devices while at the same time ensure content-centric processes move forward while users are on the go.  How that content is then handled for longer-term retention and compliance is also a factor in how organizations address mobile content, particularly in regulated industries.

Mobile devices are so central to how content is created, shared and accessed today, mobile content management can’t be a separate market. We don’t need a raft of new tools or repositories to manage our mobile content – what content isn’t mobile?  We need applications and content-oriented architectures that enable mobility as a core tenet. Mobility is just part of the broader fabric of getting work done in 2013…and beyond.

A new report from GigaOM describes mobile content management as:

“…a discipline consisting of strategies, policies, and enabling technologies that control how unstructured documents and files are accessed, used, and distributed from tablet computers and smartphones in the context of business processes.”

The last part of that definition – in the context of business processes – is particularly important, to ensure organizations don’t get stuck with new and disconnected content silos that only handle their “mobile” content.  This report goes on to examine how some specific organizations have leveraged mobility to improve process efficiency.

Alfresco looks at mobile through a variety of lenses, as you’d expect given the pervasiveness of mobility across the content lifecycle. From Alfresco’s own mobile clients for content access, sharing and process, to our Mobile SDKs that help customers and partners jump-start mobile application development for more custom processes.  And we’re not done yet…Alfresco will be making several announcements soon that feature leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) technologies.  Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for the next part in our series on the future of mobility. In the meantime, be sure to download the GigaOM report and let us know your mobility challenges.

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