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Alfresco Mobile 1.3 launched this week – that’s our fifth mobile app iteration in a year, demonstrating Alfresco’s continued commitment to providing the best mobile experience to our customers to ensure they receive the most up-to-date features to work with their content on their tablets and smartphones.

So what benefits does this latest release bring with it?

Additional security measures come in the shape of full time data encryption for subscribers, allowing users to make their content permanently encrypted on the device, only becoming decrypted when it is accessed. The newly introduced option to have the app request password entry each time it used further increases the security of your data on mobile devices.

Batch upload of documents is now available. If you have a lot of content saved locally on the device that you wish to upload at once – such as a presentation with accompanying spreadsheets and imagery, or a series of whiteboard photos snapped on an iPad or iPhone camera – these can be selected and uploaded to your Alfresco account in one step, saving loads of time.

Metadata options for new content have been expanded even further, now enabling geotagging on photos uploaded via Alfresco Mobile. For those of you who take and store a lot of photos, tracking the location, time and date of each picture or video will help when sorting through large quantities of visual content. Furthermore, there’s the additional option to select the resolution for photo uploads – great for economizing on storage space and upload times.


Other features include UI updates such as ‘Pull to refresh,’ an action familiar to most Apple app users and an intuitive interface on many of today’s devices and improved account management options.

The team is already working on the next iteration of the Alfresco Mobile app for iOS devices to build on the great foundation that has been in place for some time already, as well as the additional improvements seen in today’s release.

But that’s not all.

The first version of Alfresco Mobile for Android is being made ready for launch next quarter, as is the SDK for developers to further integrate their apps with Alfresco – so expect to hear a lot more about Alfresco Mobile in the very near future.

Alfresco Mobile is free and you can get it for your iPad or iPhone right here.

Further details of our roadmap can be found here.

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Jack Rogers

Product Marketing Manager for Mobile and Tablet apps. Gadget freak with a background in mobile gizmo marketing.

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  • The additional metadata options is great. I tried it on our Commuity 4.0d repository and saw the EXIF data of my photos appearing just right. But no location data…anything that must be enabled to get that working?

    • Hi Alexandra. First make sure you have your ‘Location Services’ enabled for the Alfresco Mobile app, in the main settings for your iPad or iPhone.
      You should then see, above the rest of the metadata for your photos, a ‘Geographic Location’ information field, where you can click to see the location on map. Clicking ‘Open in Maps…’ in the top right hand corner will then reveal the precise coordinates for you, if that is what you are after. Thanks

  • Edward Nijboer

    Good job. I’m still desperately waiting for the sync and edit option. I like to edit my docs using the app when I’m on the road and sync my changes to the Alfresco depository.
    When can we expect this option ?

    • Hi Edward. We’re working on these features at the moment, and we should be in a position to provide more details on those features next month. Please be sure to check back here or subscribe to our posts on the right of this page to receive the latest news. Thanks.

  • Is there an Android app for Alfresco Share available that will allow me to access files, blogs, discussions and wiki pages for sites I belong to?
    If not available, is one being developed, and when will this likely be available?

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