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We’ve spent years working with our engineers to identify all of the different ways our customers use Alfresco and the overall scalability of the platform. Over the past two years, our Engineers have been working on benchmarks, resulted in a scalability blueprint that provides the data and steps you need to get the most from Alfresco as your user base and content repository grows.

What did we find out?

No matter how much you put into Alfresco, it retains its functionality and remains user-friendly. Simply put, Alfresco grows with you – no problem.

In our study, we primarily focused on the enterprise collaboration scenario. We ran extensive tests in a simulated Enterprise Collaboration environment and created a blueprint that can be used as a reference for customers to adapt to their needs depending on the level of scalability required.

The results of the study, which have been published by Alfresco in a recent white paper, reveal that Alfresco 4.x’s scalability enhancements can easily support more than 1,000 concurrent users and a content repository of several million documents – all while maintaining usability and quick response times.

This study was a breakthrough not only because it shows the increased scalability of the product with Alfresco 4.x, but also because we now have data for customers to refer to that walks them through – step by step – how to reach these scalability levels themselves.

Download a copy of the complete study now.

About the author

Gabriele Columbro

Grown in the flourishing Open Source ecosystem of the last decade, Gabriele brings to the table a wealth of expertise as ECM Architect, Strategy Consultant, Product and Application Lifecycle Management expert, Open Source enthusiast and Contributor. He joined Alfresco in 2009 after two years as lead architect for an Alfresco System Integration partner. Since then he worked with key Alfresco Customers to drive large ECM implementations, consulting and leading Alfresco projects team to succeed in designing, implementing and managing successful solutions. He currently manages the Global Expert Services team at Alfresco, advocating customer requirements and driving product improvements towards customer success. Thanks to his passion and expertise in Scalability & Performance, as well as Developer Experience & Application Lifecycle Management, he continuously works with Alfresco Engineering to improve the serviceability and usability of Alfresco as a enterprise world class open source ECM platform, ultimately driving customer success. He is an open source advocate and enthusiast, committer, release manager and PMC member at the Apache Software Foundation for the Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS project, with a innate passion for application lifecycle / release management with Apache Maven. In the spare time, he loves traveling to warmer places like his mother country Italy. He enjoys reggae music and festivals, and - shockingly enough for an Italian - loves playing football.

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  • Christophe Vermeulen

    Asked for the white paper, but it seems like the document is 2 years old, refering to 4.0.0. Is the list of WP not updated yet ? Or did I do sth wrong ?

    • Gabriele Columbro

      Hi Christophe,

      you are right, the current version of the Scalability Blueprint is from 2012 and targets Alfresco 4.x.

      While many concepts still apply to Alfresco 4.1.x and 4.2.x. series, we are working on a updated version of the Blueprint which will gather the huge amount of benchmark data that we have on latest versions.

      Please stay posted as we’ll provide an updated document, and thanks for your feedback!

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