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“Web content management is evolving from website publishing to digital experience support,” according to Forrester’s WCM for Digital Customer Experience Q2 2013.

What does Forrester mean?  You don’t need an explanation if…

  • You’re reading this on a smartphone or tablet
  • You’ve updated a website on your own, without sending files to an IT person
  • You rely on user generated or suggestions from trusted communities

Websites were once about flat content with little interaction.  Today, that sort of nostalgia doesn’t play.  What we expect is…

  • A digital experience that flows from browser to tablet to mobile flawlessly
  • A site to be responsive to our requests with targeted information
  • Communities to suggest and bubble up the best ideas, relevant to our needs

Building these abilities into a website isn’t easy. It takes more than pretty pictures and snappy text.  It takes extensive use of digital assets integrated into the web experience.  It assumes responsive design for viewing on any screen. It requires content targeting for presentation of the right content at the right time. It takes a dedicated tool purpose built for accomplishing the goal of delivering an awesome web experience. Yet many web and content experience management solutions are heavy, hard to learn and expensive.

Alfresco has a solution for WCM that it is built around the open strategy of content services. As a strategy, we decided to be committed to what we do best, manage digital content.  And although the core of WCM is managing digital content, today’s modern web requires a comprehensive solution. Welcome Crafter, you do it very well.

Who says?

  • YouSendIt:  “Crafter enabled our marketing and web development teams to easily deliver dynamic and engaging content, while knowing we have preeminent Crafter experts on hand for support,” said Steve Ceplenski, Senior Director, Web Services at YouSendIt. “Using Crafter’s next generation technology, we are able to quickly develop targeted content for our brand, and easily integrate with a SaaS translation system to manage sites in multiple languages.”
  • Full Sail University:  “We wanted to make use of rich web media, including flash and video in our new website and Alfresco did not limit us in any way.  Combining Crafter with Alfresco allowed us increased flexibility and to scale with relative ease” Mark Gilbert, VP Information and Media Technologies.  Read more here.
  • MasterCard, National Academy of Sciences and Harvard Business Publishing to name a few – check out more references here.

Today we welcome Crafter Software to the Alfresco Partner Program as their own organization with their own team to sell and support the solution. Check out their website to learn more and read more about the great work they are doing!

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Joe is the Partner Marketing Manager for the Americas.

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