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Armedia is an Alfresco Platinum Partner and a Platinum Sponsor of the recent Alfresco event held in Washington, DC on March 5, 2013. This support marked Armedia’s third consecutive sponsorship of the event and demonstrates Armedia’s commitment to flexible, open source content management solutions for federal agencies.

We had a blast at this year in partnership with Alfresco as it reinforced our commitment to solution deployments within government entities at the federal, state and local level including HUD Records Conversion and the solution for the Army Strong Bonds program.

At, we introduced a case study showcasing our recent work at the US Food and Drug Administration.  The FDA Center for Diseases and Radiological Health (CDRH) needed an improved method of interacting with submitters of devices through the review and approval process. With the existing process, medical device companies would submit a device for approval and then be forced to wait for an indefinite period of time before learning whether their medical device had been approved or denied by the FDA. Leveraging the Alfresco platform, Armedia worked with CDRH to develop DocMan that enables and tracks communication between FDA and applicants and provides an external view to FDA’s review process

This case study was just one of several presentations at that highlighted the success of Alfresco within the federal government. The federal government is at a point where it is being forced to do more with less. Doing more with less is a very important change for the government, particularly in the context of the recent sequester. This presentation provides an innovative and cost effective way to help government organizations support open government initiatives leveraging open source technologies.

The FDA Safety and Innovation Act (Public Law 112-144) includes the Medical Device User Fee Amendment of 2012 or MDUFA III. Under this provision medical device companies agreed to pay a fee when they register with the system to list their devices with the organization. These fees, which can total up to $595 Million over the next five years, help the FDA to pay for innovative tools, such as the DocMan system, that better enable their organization to adhere to increased expectations.

We are looking forward to figuring out new ways to help organizations do more with less with the strength of the Alfresco platform. If you have an example, please share it here!

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James Bailey

James Bailey is the co-founder and President of Armedia, an Alfresco Platinum Partner. James has over ten years of experience in engineering and development of enterprise applications. Before co-founding Armedia, James worked for Sapient, Center for Naval Analysis, Southern Company and United States Army Reserves.

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