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Infographic: Boost ROI by Leveraging the Data in Content

Date: December 4, 2018
Author: Anthony Jones
Category:Power of the Platform

Savvy organizations use the game-changing combination of content and process coupled with cloud AI services to optimize operations and inform strategic decisions. Read on to discover how you can deliver breakthrough user experiences by intelligently mining—and acting on—the data in your content.

You can download the entire infographic here or visit the IT Strategist’s Guide to Transforming ECM for more advice on effectively mining your content for data.

Maximize ROI by mining the data in your unstructured content

Unstructured content refers to what’s produced at your organization every day: presentations, contracts, project plans, spreadsheets, drawings, emails, videos, and more. It’s the counterpoint to structured content, which consists of data found in ERP, CRM, line-of-business applications, and other core systems.

Despite containing information critical to business operations and decision-making, unstructured content can be a challenge to retrieve, categorize, and analyze. However, with the right tools, you can efficiently extract and amplify its value.

Support nimble solutions by automatically categorizing content

Metadata allows you to effectively control, organize, track, and secure unstructured content as it moves throughout your organization. The more custom and contextual your metadata, the greater the ability to connect related content and link it to business processes.

Practically speaking, enriching content with consistent, accurate, high-quality metadata at enterprise scale requires automation.


Streamline by making smart content part of organizational practices

Time-wasting searches, redundant hand-offs, and risks to information security or regulatory compliance can create frustration from end-to-end. Enriched content can improve the way you do business.

Trying to visualize real-world scenarios? See how customer service outcomes improved thanks to cutting-edge technologies that allowed leaders to “see into” content at scale in order to drive better discovery and smarter business processes.


Join cutting-edge CIOs who prioritize AI

Intelligent, collaborative solutions support today’s highly complex business needs. One joint customer of Alfresco and Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses sophisticated AI and natural language processing techniques to fight financial fraud.

The regulatory organization runs internally-developed text analytics against its cloud-based store of more than 150 million documents. Techniques like auto-classification, auto-summarization, and entity extraction help staff members detect and investigate potential cases of wrongdoing.


Let AI tackle content mining quickly and effectively

AI excels at unlocking the value of enterprise content. At the most basic level, AI and machine learning technologies can answer the question, “What’s in this content?” They tirelessly assess massive volumes of documents, images, videos, and other digital content and deliver what you need to make informed decisions.

You’ll find AWS, Google, and Microsoft all offer fully-featured AI services that are accessed via APIs. They support a wide range of AI and machine learning techniques, including entity extraction, key phrase extraction, sentiment analysis, and more.  


Get an insider’s look at ways to unlock the data in your content

What are your competitors doing that you’re not? This conversational overview of market trends features real-world scenarios you can use to persuade and inspire. Watch our webinar to learn:

  • why you need to make your content work harder
  • how to meet and exceed customer, partner, and employee expectations
  • how Alfresco’s newest content analytics tool, Insight Engine, enables companies to make better decisions based on real-time data

Ensure best practices for mining, enriching, and acting on content

An open, extensible content services platform makes it easy to use cloud AI services to analyze and enrich your content. 

Mining unstructured content with AI technologies and tagging it with contextual AI insights opens up a world of possibilities, as you pursue a digital transformation agenda. For maximum flexibility as technologies advance and business needs change, consider a content services platform whose approach leverages third-party AI services.

Download the full leverage the data in the content infographic 

Visit Leverage the Data in Content in the IT Strategist’s Guide to Transforming ECM to learn more about maximizing the data in your content via proven tools and strategies.


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