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I recently joined Alfresco to help make Alfresco in the cloud the very best SaaS Enterprise Content Management platform available on the market and I’m a firm believer we are well on our way.

Having worked in the SharePoint ecosystem in a previous life this is something that every ECM platform struggles with – external sharing, public sharing – however you wish to coin this feature…you get it, it’s all about sharing.

For far too long we’ve been storing files separately from where we share, normally cool services likes Slideshare or Dropbox, but the issue is that we’re duplicating the file that we have in storage! Crazy. Alfresco in the cloud’s ‘Public File Sharing’ feature announced earlier this week allows you to simply share straight from the secure store of Alfresco. Here is a really quick video on how this feature can be used:

Sharing has now easily become one of my favorite new functions. So give it a try, leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

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