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In today’s increasingly digital world, the very notion of what constitutes a record has changed dramatically. Social media, video and ubiquitous computing from any device have all complicated the definition of a “record” and made their management extremely challenging. Government CIOs, CTOs and information systems managers are at the intersection of the technology revolution, where the cultural shift towards a digital world and the demanding requirements of security and compliance often collide. Government agencies must provide the tools for collaboration, business process support and content management that are flexible enough to meet the needs of this changing content landscape. Recognizing these trends and addressing them in a unified approach is essential to providing both the access to content that users need and the structural controls that government IT demands.

At Alfresco, we recognize this vital need and are therefore particularly excited about the latest release of our Records Management (RM) module that increases security and simplifies management of classified content. New enhancements to security controls add granular content classifications and limit access controlled by a user’s security clearance. Users are only allowed to access content classified up to their clearance level. For example, a user cleared to see “Secret” information will have access to content classified “Secret” and “Confidential” but will not have access to content classified “Top Secret” Or above. Records Management 2.4 also supports U.S. government standards for data cleansing and has been designed to support thousands of users.

This level of security and scale is critical for government agencies, particularly the military and intelligence community, but also other highly-regulated industries such as the financial services, healthcare, energy and transportation sectors.

Given the nature of information held by government agencies, executives face an onslaught of regulations that place a significant burden on their information systems. Legal requirements include measures intended to protect classified information and the privacy of individuals, while regulatory mandates and government-wide requirements run the gamut from directives that advocate for open-source solutions and a cloud-first approach to Department of Defense (DoD)-level security standards. On top of all of these are government-wide mandates that emails be handled electronically by the end of this year and that all agency records be managed electronically by 2019.

If you are feeling the pressure of these impending deadlines, give our team a call. We would be happy to help.

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