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True confessions – I love shopping. I love good deals and I hate crowds. In other words I, like many of you, will be home on my comfy couch, still full from Thanksgiving dinner, shopping on-line during Black Friday. Did you know that last year on-line shopping during Black Friday was up 24% from Black Friday in 2010?

One of my favorite stores is Saks Fifth Avenue so when I heard that uses Alfresco as part of their content as a service strategy, I had to know more. I recently spoke with Aaron Heath, Principle Application Developer from, about their use of Alfresco and was happy to hear how Alfresco’s web services helps ensure that when that soft, luxurious, light pink cashmere sweater sells out (I contemplated over it too long!) another equally soft light pink sweater is made available on-line.

As you may know, Alfresco has been talking about content as a service since the beginning. The idea is simple – create and store content in one central location and use web content services to push the content out to multiple different channels such as mobile devices. The Alfresco Platform becomes the content hub for many business applications.

This is exactly how is using Alfresco – to quickly publish marketing related documents to its eCommerce site and push content to its mobile site and apps. With Alfresco’s web content services, can instantly serve up Alfresco content in multiple places in a variety of formats. For example, the Saks marketing team can update promotions on its website within minutes of an item selling out. Before, their marketing team had to do this directly in their eCommerce software, which took hours to update to the site.  Now using Alfresco it only takes  two minutes to serve up new content to, which is especially important to the merchandising and marketing teams during the extremely busy holiday shopping season.

With Alfresco web services, Saks has been able to reuse content in multiple places making it easier than ever to implement a comprehensive online and mobile strategy making it easier for me along with thousands of others to shop all those fabulous Black Friday (and all-year round) deals! For more information, be sure to check out the full case study for more information.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and, Happy Shopping!

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