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The library at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands has just won its first HBO award for a new open access content management platform, powered by Alfresco.

Saxion University is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands with close to 27,000 students. The university needed a way to publish as much research online as possible according to its publication policy.

With Alfresco, Saxion was able to improve its enterprise content management platform to include this data, as well as the school’s research data and related publications, as well as exam data and utilize user-defined metadata to enable better search functionality.

For many years, the university has had an open access policy, enabling researchers and lecturers to make their content and publications readily available. The HBO award recognizes Saxion’s significant efforts to enforce this policy through the implementation of the new platform.

The award was presented by the country’s HBO (Hoger beroepsonderwijs) institutions, universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands dedicated to higher learning and professional training.

With the new content management platform, Saxion’s librarians can also assign metadata to categorize publications. For example, those publications under embargo now include the length of the embargo and are automatically released when the embargo period has expired. This makes information and research accessible even faster.

The Alfresco platform enables Saxion to centrally store all of its research data and content while also providing the flexibility to integrate with other technologies. All publishing, archiving and evaluations can now be done through the new platform.

Saxion’s ambition with the platform is for it to support a number of content related processes within the Universities research projects like the application of subsidies.

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  • Jennifer

    Is there any way to get in touch with someone at Saxion regarding how they are using Alfresco for their research data?

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