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There is a notably recurring theme in much of the feedback that we receive from our customers . . . when it comes to mobilizing the enterprise, security is paramount.

So as we prepared our first Alfresco Mobile app update of 2013 we wanted to make sure it improved upon our existing enterprise grade security features to add extra layers of content protection and increase peace of mind for the ever-expanding mobile workforce.

Alfresco Mobile for iOS version 1.5 answers further mobile security questions with optional features such as file-based security, certificate authentication, limited sharing with other apps and the ability to apply a “shelf-life” to content that has been downloaded or synced to an iPad or iPhone.

This last feature for Alfresco Mobile 1.5 eradicates the worry caused by employees downloading, saving or syncing content to their devices beyond the boundaries of the enterprise server or cloud account. IT and regulatory personnel amongst our enterprise customers can now rest easy, secure in the knowledge that their confidential content can be time-stamped to become inaccessible on a device that has not been connected to the repository for a pre-configured period of time. If you don’t want your content going walkabouts, keep it on a leash by restricting sharing rights on your documents and make it entirely inaccessible on that mobile device if the device is not connected to your enterprise account for a certain amount of time – 24 hours or 8 hours or even one hour.

Set an offline expiry time for individual documents within your Alfresco repository.

In addition to these ground-breaking security features we have also included some further improvements, including:

– Compatibility with the Google apps version of Quickoffice

– Version numbering consistency with the Alfresco web client

– Previews for iWorks documents

The mobility and flexibility trends are doing great things for the efficiency of enterprises, but we are also well aware that the security of your content is perhaps even more important than mobile access. Now you don’t need to compromise between security and mobility, nor do you need to run the risks associated with using an insecure personal file sharing service to get your content to your mobile workforce.

Download Alfresco Mobile for iOS 1.5 free from the App Store today to securely access your business critical content on your iPads and iPhones!

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Jack Rogers

Product Marketing Manager for Mobile and Tablet apps. Gadget freak with a background in mobile gizmo marketing.

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  • Excellent! And Android? New features are being worked on?

    • Glad you approve Rodrigo! As with everything else with the Alfresco Mobile strategy to date, we are working to get our Android app features in line with our iOS app as soon as possible. Some platform-specific differences are likely to remain, but be are aiming to bring these new features to our Android app in our next release later this year. Thanks, Jack.

  • Shelf Life is a great new feature. What version of Alfresco enterprise will this be supported on.



    • Thanks for getting in touch Brian. It is supported on Alfresco 4.1.4 and also in subsequent 4.1 service packs. It will also be supported on 3.4.x from our next Service Pack release. Kind regards, Jack.

  • Arno Hagen

    Hi Jack,

    that sounds good. Where can I find documentation about how to activate or configure the new security features?


    • Hi Arno. We will formally release the AMP with Enterprise 4.1.4 later this month and with 3.4.13 in May. In the meantime it is available on demand from support. and will also be updated to include documentation on this AMP. Hope that helps! thanks, Jack.

  • Kurt

    What about Android?
    Strange that the largest Mobile platform gets such a low priority.
    Feature set for Android and iPhone apps should be the same.

    • Hi Kurt. Android is by no means a low priority for us. Due to the larger number of iOS devices amongst our users we took the decision to releases features for iOS first and to follow as closely as possible with Android. Our Android roadmap is all about matching iOS (plus a sprinkling of platform specific features). With more releases this year, by the end of 2013 you should notice that we have almost complete feature parity across the operating systems. Some differences will remain due to the platform. Great question, thanks for getting in touch, Jack.

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