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A few months ago, when we began planning our new Global Partner Program, I decided to take a step back and ask our partners what features they wanted to see. Their feedback was extremely valuable and became the foundation for the new program:

  1. Make it easier for our partners to do business with Alfresco.
  2. Provide partners with a more consistent experience in your interactions with Alfresco.
  3. Better align how we compensate partners with Alfresco’s business goals.

Our Global Partner Program is designed to make it easier for partners to successfully grow their business working with Alfresco. With clearly defined benefits and requirements, our partners will gain the competitive advantage required to win new business in an exciting environment that’s being redefined by Alfresco’s innovative approach to managing content and processes.

We have a growing community of system integrators, software vendors, infrastructure providers and resellers who are building phenomenal solutions with Alfresco. Our new partner program will allow us to more richly reward those partners that are proactively driving their Alfresco business.

We made a significant investment in a partner portal and created a one-stop shop for sales tools, marketing collateral, events and training. Providing everything our partners need in one place allows them to close deals faster and not have to go to their channel manager every time they need information. This will help us recruit and onboard global and super-regional solution providers, streamline the Alfresco OEM program and drive greater focus with the company’s key technology partners.

Our goal by the end of 2016 is to have 70% of our business going through our channel partners.

We have the industry leading ECM and BPM open source technology platform that allows partners to build very robust applications that solve their customer’s business problems in a simple and modern way. The end result is that we are able to point to many great customer stories that are the result of our partners’ efforts.

If we are successful, a year from now our partners will say…

    • “Alfresco is the best business partner to deliver what we need for our customers.”
    • “Alfresco’s open, scalable platform is the easiest for us to build solutions on.”
    • “My Alfresco practice is the fastest growing and most profitable business in my portfolio.”

We are really excited about this new program and we hope that it shows our dedication to our partners. The value-add that our partners provide is unmatched and the solutions that they build are better than anything that we can build ourselves.

To become an Alfresco partner or obtain information on the Alfresco Partner Program, please visit or contact the channels team directly at

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