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SharePoint users are at a crossroads. They have put a massive amount of content into SharePoint that isn’t always easily retrieved. They have invested time, resources and money trying to configure SharePoint to solve their content management problems.  Users are found questioning if SharePoint is efficiently managing their business-critical content processes.

AIIM has realized the challenges that SharePoint users are facing and recently addressed them at the seminar in Toronto, “SharePoint at a Crossroads.”

Attendees at the event were from a broad range of organizations with varying successes, difficulties and questions about SharePoint. Some are looking for more value from their ECM, including mobile and secure cloud solutions. Some have just deployed SharePoint and are experiencing success in their first stages of implementation. Many attendees were looking for SharePoint partners to solve their problems related to scalability, accessibility to content and flexibility of the platform to create unique business solutions.

Alfresco participated in the event as the only ECM alternative to SharePoint. Many participants were partners with add-on solutions to SharePoint or imaging solutions that integrate with many different ECMs. Alfresco uniquely represented one of the options that SharePoint users face—replacing it with another ECM.

A recent survey of over 500 professionals was conducted that found 80 percent of those using SharePoint thought it fell short of their expectations. Alfresco offers many valuable features in comparison to SharePoint:

  • Lower cost and higher ROI
  • Faster implementations
  • More advanced workflow capabilities
  • Scalability and stronger search features
  • An open platform that more easily integrates with business-critical tools

While not everyone is looking to migrate to a new ECM, there are tools available to better manage content already in SharePoint. To learn more about managing your SharePoint data in Alfresco, watch our webinar recording.

There are many different options to choose from when considering your current ECM investment and where to invest your resources in the future. Alfresco offers a scalable, flexible and cost efficient solution for managing your content. Is SharePoint providing the same for you?

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Melissa Meinert

Melissa Meinert is the Global Partner Marketing Manager.

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  • Can you be more specific on the point that Alfresco presents “More advanced workflow capabilities” than Sharepoint ?
    Any link to share?

  • I have always been a SharePoint enthusiast. But Alfresco too sounds like a great platform to me. Is there any free trial for this platform available like I have got this one ( for SharePoint 2013?

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