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A big part of the upcoming Alfresco Summit is the opportunity to attend presentations shared by members of the Alfresco community. We want to explain how to earn a slot in the conference and remind you that there are only two weeks left to submit a presentation proposal.

There are two types of submissions: full sessions and lightning talks. You use the same submission form for both types of presentations, but the lightning talks require less detail.

When filling out the proposal survey, there are four types of questions you will need to answer:

  1. We need to know who you are and how to contact you.
  2. Categorize your submission by intended audience, topics covered and the technical level of the presentation.
  3. Briefly describe the topic.
  4. Share your previous experience giving presentations and explain why you would be good at presenting this topic.

Should your proposal be accepted, this information will be the basis of the conference guide that people use to determine which sessions to attend.

We use your intended audience, topics and technical rating to determine which audience the presentation will most appeal to—a developer audience or our business management and content professional audiences. Our theme is “Put Your Content to Work,” and regardless of your audience we want to hear how to make content more accessible and useful to your organization. We will use this list of topics to make sure we have broad coverage at the conference. If you still have questions then this blog post should help.

In addition to technical presentations, some of the new topics we want to see covered this year include:

  • Non-technical case studies presented by the user of the solution;
  • Industry trends, regulations and standards;
  • Best practices in project management;
  • Library science and information architecture; and,
  • Tips for driving user adoption within your organization.

If you have an idea for a proposal, but don’t think it will fill the time of a full session then please consider it for one of our lightening talks. We also encourage you to submit more than one proposal.

Submit today, the deadline is June 15th.

If you have any specific questions about the submission process, leave me a comment here or email me directly.

Good luck and I hope to see you in November!

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