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Last year was my first time to Alfresco DevCon. I was six months in to working here and had heard of DevCon before having been one of Alfresco’s partners in a previous life.

But for some reason I was always under the assumption it was this strange geek thing lead by the mysterious Jeff Potts. I was only half right. With no expectations, I showed up in Berlin for Day 0 with Trainings and the Hackaton.

The one thing that immediately stood out was passion. I mean, what else explains 17 grown men sitting around a table working in teams to build the best applications that will actually help make every day work easier and more productive?

The trainings were packed with a smart audience asking great questions around how they can get the most out of our powerful platform. Having eight hours to focus on understanding how to put content to work and get the most from employees really sets you on a good path to a more calm content existence. If I would have gotten one of these crash courses when I first started in PR, it would have saved me literally years of version control press release nightmares.

The next couple of days were a complete whirlwind, each one building on the other and opening my eyes to the heart of Alfresco. I have never had the chance to be in a room with a smarter, more passionate and innovative group of people looking to solve real work problems and enhance the flow of global content.

At the same time, I also sort of felt that DevCon was the best secret conference I had ever been to, which is saying a lot considering I’ve worked SXSW Interactive for the past eight years in some capacity. More people would come if they were aware and we opened it up to industry heavy weights and customers who can share unique perspectives that others can learn from to empower great teamwork.

This year we are doing just that with Alfresco Summit!

I’m so excited that Jeff along with an internal team of event ninjas is taking the best of what makes Alfresco’s entrepreneurial community unique and letting more businesses take advantage of learning how to put our critical content to work.

We also put out the Call for Presenters due June 15,2013 so get submissions in early! We will stop accepting ideas once all the speaking slots are filled. We couldn’t be more excited for what 2013 will bring and can’t wait for our November reunion in two really vibrant cities – Boston and Barcelona…won’t you join us?

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and use #SummitNow to let us know you are coming!

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Chris Vitti

Chris Vitti is the director of websites and marketing technology at Alfresco. Prior to Alfresco, Chris was at Gartner for 8 years managing their websites, intranet and content management systems.

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