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Why do you need to make your content work harder? What are your customers’, partners’ and your employees’ expectations? What are your competitors doing that you’re not?


These are some of the questions we answered this week in a live webinar format about how Content Climbs the Value Chain. Joined by two great speakers and experts in their field, Craig Wentworth, Principal Analyst at MWD Advisors and Harry Peek, Alfresco’s Senior Product Manager, we discussed  the importance of extracting the right data from your content to create greater business value, making your content and process applications more effective.

The New IT Organization
Lending a third-party perspective, Craig highlighted the changing role and the new value of the IT organization. “Where the old world was all about efficiency and scale, now it’s much more about an end-to-end picture. Organizations that get it right are taking a holistic view of their workflows, processes, and how their content and data can be best put to use” says Wentworth.  We also explored the role of cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain that are becoming “content’s new killer app,” as Wentworth puts it. These technologies allow you “to see” into content at scale as well as drive better discovery and smarter business processes.

The Platform Economy and Ethos
We discussed the shift from packaged, productized offerings to a comprehensive platform with lots of opportunity for customization and integration of open APIs–helping companies take advantage of capabilities fit for their specific needs. The cloud was a vital component when thinking about platforms, providing companies with agility and innovation opportunities previously only afforded by companies with very deep pockets. In fact, “64% of CIOs said that public cloud was core to their strategy,” Wentworth noted from a recent MWD conducted survey.


Further validating the macro trends, Harry Peek dove deeper into specific platform capabilities, as we explored the benefits of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. Built on open standards and a cloud-native architecture, we talked about the ways the platform can help companies enrich content with AI integration services.  Harry also took time to showcase Alfresco’s newest content analytics tool, Insight Engine that enables companies make better decisions based on real-time data.

You can watch the webinar with Craig and Harry’s commentary, including graphical representations and real-life examples that show enriched content at work. Watch the webinar. Please leave us your questions or comments on this post or as always, on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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