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So you’ve made a decision on how you want to store, share and collaborate on your content and you’ve made the right one because you went for Alfresco. Now you want to go mobile and use your tablet or your smartphone for what they were intended for so here is a simple guide to help get you up and running with your free Alfresco Mobile app.

Download Alfresco in the app store by clicking here to install Alfresco Mobile on your iPad and/or iPhone. Locate the Alfresco Mobile app on your home screen, get it fired up and you are ready to go.

Upon first start-up of the app you should be presented with two options:

  • Sign up for Alfresco Cloud: If you haven’t got an account with Alfresco yet you can sign up here for your free 10GB account.
  • I already have an account: Already got your account? Click here to get your tablet connected.

In case you haven’t got your own cloud account yet let’s have a quick whizz through the easy sign-up process.

The sign-up screen below asks for your basic information: name, email and create a password. (Note: It must be a corporate email address; personal email addresses won’t work i.e. Hotmail, Gmail etc)

Having entered these details, you’ll then receive an email from us with a link to click to confirm your account.

As soon as you click the link you are done! You’ll see the confirmation screen below, 10GB of space is now yours for free and you can easily invite anyone you want to share and collaborate with you.

Already have an Alfresco in the cloud account set-up? If so, you’ll be presented with two options: Alfresco Cloud and Alfresco Server. We are going to connect to a cloud account.

The email and password that you used to sign up for your account are all that you need here. You can then choose to enter a description of how this account will appear once you’re using your Alfresco Mobile app (as you may want to access more than one Alfresco account from within your app).

That’s it! Simple and easy, you can now start uploading, downloading, amending, liking and commenting on all your documents.

Additional features you might want to test out:

  • Take a picture using your iPad or iPhone camera and upload it straight to Alfresco for others to review, amend and comment on immediately.
  • Share the latest version of your presentation (including those last minute amendments!) with virtual meeting participants who can’t be in the meeting room with you (or are choosing to #occupymeeting!)
  • Open your spreadsheet in Quickoffice (or another one of your favorite apps) and make changes to the figures while you’re on the go, then save the latest version straight back to Alfresco for greater team collaboration.

How are you using Alfresco in the cloud and mobile? Be sure to leave us a comment as we continue to make updates to our Alfresco Mobile app, which is currently free and available on all iPads and iPhones from iOS 4 onwards. The Android version of the app will be available later this year, so be sure to check back on Social Content to get the latest on what’s going on at Alfresco!

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