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During AWS Summit keynote this week (April 19) in San Francisco, Dr. Werner Vogels talked about giving their users/customers Super Powers, with the first and hugely important one being Supersonic Speed. As we partner closely with AWS, this Supersonic Speed is very much aligned with what the Alfresco Digital Business Platform delivers to our customers: faster time to value.

Supersonic speed

The opportunities to make business flow faster, more seamlessly and more intelligently are endless with Alfresco Digital Business Platform. Seeing is believing, so we built a live demo of the Alfresco platform automating a vehicle maintenance process in combination with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Echo & Alexa, Twilio and Decooda.

The demo showcases how customers can use Alfresco’s flexible open source platform to quickly and easily:

  1. Integrate with other microservice architecture and technologies, and
  2. Build, deploy, and modify any solutions that involve business critical processes and content to shorten time to value in delivering a truly innovative digital customer experience

Car Trouble? Talk to Echo

In the demo, the customer asks Alexa to schedule a service for his car. The request kicks off a process within Alfresco that automatically books an appointment at the dealership. Twilio, a mobile communication service integrated with Alfresco, sends a text message confirming the appointment.

The service technician then uses an application built with the Alfresco Development Framework to track service bookings and complete a service record. After the technician fills out a service report, the system automatically messages the customer that his car is ready for pickup.

Demo picture

The system also prompts the customer for feedback on the repairs, which is analyzed by Decooda, a customer sentiment analysis solution. If Decooda flags the response as negative, the application will trigger a workflow that automatically follows up to make sure the customer’s concerns are addressed.

How It All Works

This demo shows how companies can build a new digital experience for customers and employees that is backed by automatic, seamless information flows. In this use case, the business processes are modeled and run using Alfresco Process Services. All the content generated (service report, voice message, extracted metadata) are stored and managed by Alfresco Content Services. The entire flow can be modified quickly and easily to improve the customer experience and it’s simple to integrate new or different microservices technologies. Alfresco on AWS enables rapid configuration and deployment of these types of digital business solutions.

For a deeper technical dive on the demo, see this blog.

Now, It’s Your Turn

This is just one example of what’s possible with the Alfresco platform, which can be quickly configured to automate myriad business processes. Our AWS Quick Start provides you ready-to-deploy production grade template along with deployment guide so you can take advantage of building powerful solutions using Alfresco on AWS.

A Platform for Continuous Strategic Differentiation

The car demo is fun, but it’s about much more than just how a digital auto repair business can build better customer relationships. Your organization too can evolve into a true digital business that uses technology to achieve a strategically differentiated relationship with your customers.

The flexibility of the Alfresco platform and its streamlined process modelling, content management, information governance and integration capabilities enable continuous strategic differentiation. As the platform reveals more insights into what your customers want, it can be put back to work on iterating the next version of the digital business. The time to value is striking and your organization is positioned to remain in the competitive forefront.

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