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If you look across the Content Management industry, you will see a lot of vendors trying to provide the ultimate solution for organizations. They have built comprehensive systems with scores of components that can be combined in any manner to solve almost any problem. Yet, when AIIM asked people to share how they store their content … Over 60% of organizations still primarily use Network File Shares. – AIIM 2013 Industry Watch

Given that the audience typically taking AIIM’s surveys are well versed in content and information management, this was a shocking result. Now imagine the state of affairs in organizations that haven’t heard of AIIM.

It is not as if we just recently started trying to disseminate the value of content management technologies to the world. One of our founders, John Newton, has created two successful content management companies over the past few decades. During this time, the industry has continued to struggle to make content management technology ubiquitous. We have invested years trying to build best practices and guidelines to improve the content management profession and bring order to the information chaos.

With all of that time and effort in learning how to deploy content management technology, more projects still continue to fail than succeed. Looking back over our industry’s history, success has been the exception, not the rule.

Why is content management so difficult? Why is user adoption so low?

Part of the problem lays in the very nature of the content management systems that have been created. Vendors have historically focused their roadmap on adding new features. If a vendor added a feature that was well received, that feature quickly became part of the roadmap for their competitors. No vendor wanted to have the least number of checkmarks in the feature column during a prospects evaluation cycle.

Meanwhile, the average person only cares about saving, updating, finding, and sharing information. They want it protected so it isn’t accidently deleted or shared with those that shouldn’t have access to the information. The average person wants to focus on their job and not on records schedules or proper tagging of a document. They don’t want to have to find the right command from a menu system full of 30 options.

This is the world that the content management industry has created. A world where success is rare. Next week, we will look deeper into the differing layers of complexity that has hindered our progress towards a tradition of success.

RESOURCE: Download our Connected Enterprise Survey results to learn what users are saying about enterprise content and who they think should be in control.

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Laurence Hart

Laurence Hart is a proven leader in Content and Information Management who brings nearly two decades of experience solving the challenges companies face as they implement and deploy content solutions. As the Content Management Strategist at Alfresco, Laurence works with organizations to help them evaluate their strategy as it relates to their Content Management efforts.

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