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I have been talking a lot lately about Alfresco’s modern approach to digital transformation.  I see a lot of momentum in the market driven by a few converging factors, namely:

  1. Organizations of all types wanting a better customer/constituent experience,
  2. Brittle legacy platforms’ inability to be nimble/agile to deliver that experience, and
  3. Movement to IaaS providers from traditional on-premises data centers for related agility and cost reasons.

I really see this as the “perfect storm” of market dynamics contributing to our growth, and it’s that 3rd point that I wanted to provide another proof point on today.

As noted in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Content Management –  Business Content Services, Q2 2017 report, we have been using our partnership with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) team to make it easy to deploy Alfresco on AWS.  As the only provider of Content Services listed in the AWS Quick Start directory, we believe this really highlights our differentiation, power and openness in supporting these types of process, content and compliance-centric use cases.  I love how an AWS Quick Start provides guidance to provision a full production-ready instance in just a handful of clicks in about 40 minutes.  With over 3,500 downloads of the current Quick Start guide in the first couple of months, we think this is good validation from our ecosystem that we are headed in the right direction.

Our commitment to making it easy for our users to utilize Alfresco on AWS continues today as the latest version of the AWS Quick Start for Alfresco Content Services was posted.  This latest release deploys Alfresco Content Services 5.2 in an AWS VPC and includes native support for AWS Aurora RDS.  This is a powerful combination as using Aurora, which was “born in the cloud” was used in the billion document benchmark, provides a great combination of scale and simplicity that I believe many of our customers will appreciate.  Many of the technical details are outlined in the reference architecture or you can also get a summary from the AWS Quick Start team blog post.

Due to the inherent openness of Alfresco, while we can be deployed in a variety of environments, we have a bias towards AWS, based on customer preference and our own depth in the platform for many years.  This updated AWS Quick Start is a great progress that continues building on the following traction that Alfresco and AWS are having in the marketplace:

  • Our billion document benchmark and reference architecture which ran on the Amazon Aurora database,
  • The recent news on providing the tooling needed to run on AWS,
  • The early access program for Alfresco as a managed service in an AWS VPC
  • We see a lot of traction across our customer base, and in Public Sector in particular and are happy to be part of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program.

I am happy to show innovation like this to make it easier to leverage the power of Alfresco + AWS as I really think this combination just adds more power to the “perfect storm” that is facing our industry.   I urge you to get started today and check out the latest AWS Quick Start for Alfresco Content Services.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how Alfresco may help your journey towards Digital Transformation so drop me a note anytime if you think it’s an area we can help.


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