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Business connections are growing year-over-year, extending enterprise boundaries further than ever before. A survey of 1,600 global workers carried out for Alfresco by Loudhouse, an independent research agency, reveals the future of content is unrestrained global collaboration.

“The recent research was very telling – current applications aren’t cutting it and with 90% of global organizations still keeping data behind the firewall, making users desperate for products that make secure content a true reality,” said John Newton, CTO and Co-founder of Alfresco. “Enterprises need to start taking a lesson from our consumer file-sharing counterparts to offer simple and efficient tools secure enough to meet corporate security demands.”

According to employees surveyed, 78 percent of business users see their number of business connections increasing by 20 percent over the next two years as they rely on greater communication with customers (57%), employees based off-site (55%), and employees based onsite (51%) to propel business. Yet, only 18 percent of respondents describe their company as extremely effective at connecting people and sharing knowledge to move the business forward.

Statistics show that by the year 2015, the average business users’ connections are expected to double. At this rate, the average business user network will consist of almost 2,700 contacts by 2015.

At the same time, 89% of both business and IT users said they see effective collaboration as an important part of their business. Now more than ever, they rely on communications with customers and other employees – both on- and off-site – to drive their business forward, yet only 18% describe their company as extremely effective at connecting people and sharing knowledge.

2013 connected enterprise survey infographic 2 from Alfresco Software

In our first eBook around the results of this global survey, we learned that users are turning to cloud applications and their own collaboration solutions – not in revolt against IT, but out of frustration because they don’t have a better alternative when it comes to sharing documents and information.

In other words, if businesses don’t find a way to free enterprise content, employees will free it themselves!

Some 44% of business users say their biggest frustration when it comes to document management is looking for content (e-mail is still the most common method for sharing documents, though it is unsecure) and 40% of all users said compliance is their biggest challenge with existing collaboration tools.

As contacts continue to grow and work becomes more global and collaborative, the big question becomes: who will be in control?

Ultimately, users must be empowered with the tools they need to retain control of their own content and business and IT will have to work together to find a solution that enables them to collaborate without restraint.

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