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Alfresco Values

Why We Believe

Our company values guide us in the way we work with each other and in how we do business. It’s who we are. 

“It takes a village... and we come together to win.”

- Bernadette Nixon, Chief Revenue Officer

Because we value achievement
We are empowering

We define achievement as continually sharing, collaborating, and improving. We strive to empower our employees, partners, and customers to do just that.

Because we value transparency
We are open

Openness is at our core, in the name of our company and in our founding principles. We’re open with each other and transparent in how we operate.

Because we value passion
We are driven

Our passion to disrupt old ways of thinking drives us to question the existing and imagine the next. We’re smart about asking the right questions and coming up with better solutions.

Because we value commitment
We are diligent

We’re deeply committed to each other and to the customers we serve. In our diligence, we focus intently on getting the job done to the highest possible standard.

Because we value empathy
We are respectful

We’re made up of diverse people, and we feel empathy for each person’s unique perspective. Working together, supporting each other, and making each other better are at the heart of everything we do.