Our Values

Continuous Customer Success. Remember that our success relies on long-term customer relationships. Seek to delight customers and deliver a great user experience. Approach customers with empathy, and advocate on their behalf.

Stretch Attitude

Your goal should be to exceed the goal. Always stretch yourself, your team and your colleagues. Hire people who stretch us with a new perspective, new expertise or new energy. Continue to improve.

Drive Open Innovation

Develop in the open and drive open standards. Embrace and extend the community. Test our innovation ideas against community and customers. Act when we say we are going to act: innovation has a shelf-life.

Have an Impact

Be courageous and take a stand. Do things that matter. Be the person that everyone wants on their team. Set the bar high for yourself, and expect meaningful contributions from your colleagues.

Stay Lean

Do more with less. Be creative. Rethink, reuse and repurpose. Test... then invest. Be accountable to results. Be agile. But think ahead... don’t be penny wise, pound foolish.

Work/Life Integration

Focus on work when work requires it. Focus on life when life requires it. Results are more important than time or place. Be as responsive as if you were in the same office, and keep your calendar commitments.

No Borders, One Alfresco

Act like one company, around the globe. Collaborate widely. Embrace our unique diversity. Respect other people’s time zone and culture. Look for commonality instead of looking for differences.

Be Transparent

Be open and honest, and trust each other. Make your intentions clear. Collaborate openly. Encourage debate. Treat people fairly, and with integrity. Admit and learn from your mistakes.


Delight in personal success. Celebrate company success. Reward excellence. Have fun, and celebrate personal achievements and family milestones. Take time to give back.

Get it done.

Set clear objectives, and then communicate them and stay focused. Streamline decision making and empower people.  Seek alignment and help your colleagues reach their objectives. We are all in this together.