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  • The time to develop and launch the solution.
  • The performance of the solution in terms of document storage and life cycle management.
  • The availability of a large number of loaded components.
  • Control of development costs.

Background and key issues

Amadeus IT Group is one of the world leaders in reservations handling systems and a supplier of cutting edge technological solutions for the travel and tourism industry. Amadeus’ clients are travel operators (airline companies, hotels, rail and ferry companies, etc.), travel vendors (travel agencies and websites) and trip purchasers (companies and travelers). Amadeus’ payment system is based on transactions. In 2011, the Amadeus system processed over 947 million paying transactions.

The company’s main sites are in Madrid (Corporate), Nice (Development) and Erding (Data processing center). Regional offices are located in Miami, Buenos Aires, Bangkok and Dubai. On a commercial level, Amadeus has 73 local commercial organizations looking after clients in 195 countries. Amadeus is listed on the Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Valencia stock exchanges with the symbol “AMS.MC.” On 31 December, 2011, the company announced a turnover with comparable data of 2712 million euro and an EBITDA of 1039 million euro.

In November 2010, Amadeus launched a complete management and reservations solution for hotel chains, named Amadeus Hotel Platform, which has transformed the way hotel activities are managed. Built around an exhaustive database and available as a “Software as a Service” model, it combines the functions of central bookings, establishment management and global distribution within a fully-integrated, single platform.

Content Management, one of the components of the Amadeus Hotel Platform, allows hoteliers to manage and distribute text and multimedia descriptions of hotels held in the Amadeus system.

And it’s for part of this component in particular that Amadeus required the assistance of Alfresco for the storage, management and redistribution of the hotel description content, data comprising texts detailing the location of the hotel, the type of rooms available, and other facilities offered such as a pool, restaurant, etc.

The solution implemented

Amadeus’ philosophy is to develop the services it offers to clients itself. Experienced developers and customer support teams from the company seek out innovative ideas that they then turn into reality and use to enrich the ever-improving systems and services in order to best respond to and anticipate customer needs. Innovation is in fact one of the driving forces behind Amadeus’ growth and development. It allows the company to ensure a privileged position in relation to its competitors on a technological level.

In the context of deploying the descriptive content management arm of its Amadeus Hotel Platform – Content Management solution, Amadeus was drawn towards Alfresco’s Open Source-based solution which offers exciting possibilities in terms of managed documents and has a greater number of loaded components thus limiting the number of settings it has to implement itself and ensuring top quality and efficient management of workflows. Moreover, the technologies used by Alfresco, Java and J2E, are already used by Amadeus.

The development undertaken was based both on customization of the core of Alfresco’s solution to allow management and storage of documents, and on personalization of Share which is a graphic Web interface allowing interaction with Alfresco. Share includes innovative social features such as status, labels and content activity flows, ensuring increased user efficiency.


  • The solution implemented is particularly efficient in terms of storage of documents, sharing with other partners and workflow management.
  • The Alfresco solution has met Amadeus’ needs in full and been delivered on time.


As Amadeus’ technology is based on the principle of common sharing of innovations between its clients, the solution developed by Alfresco for Amadeus will benefit all current and future clients of Amadeus Hotel Platform.

“By the end of 2012, with the migration of current and future clients, we estimate that Amadeus Hotel Platform will have 1500 users and contain around 300,000 documents. In the meantime, we will have incorporated content management for images and video.”

Yoann Poulain, Unit Manager, Hotel IT Content chez Amadeus