Full Sail University


  • Increased productivity
  • Better return on investment for IT resources
  • Flexibility to build wide variety of content types
  • Timelier, fresher and richer content
  • Increased site traffic
  • Improved collaboration and expedited publishing cycles with In-Context Preview
  • Maximized uptime due to system reliability
  • Content control shift from IT to editorial team with Web authoring interface
  • Improved organic search rankings as a result of SEO-optimized URLs


Full Sail University offers over 28 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the fields of music, sound, film, design (Web and graphic), production, games and animation. Using both online and immersive teaching methods in its real-world production studios and classrooms, Full Sail has over 8,800 students.

Full Sail was looking for an enterprise content management system to address the need for better document management. At the same time, Full Sail was formulating plans for a redesigned website that would include richer content and complex media and visual elements.

Full Sail realized that its homegrown content management system (CMS) would not be able to support either initiative. Instead, it needed an ECM platform that could serve as the foundation for its new website and enterprise-wide document management system.


Full Sail quickly found Alfresco to be a leading contender, preferring its open source licensing model and agile architecture over closed, proprietary alternatives. Plus, Alfresco offers more than document management capabilities; it also provides a platform to build content-rich Web applications. With Alfresco, Full Sail has complete flexibility with regard to content modeling and presentation-tier delivery, along with a robust set of content repository services for its next-generation website.

Another crucial aspect was the range of options available to Full Sail for the website content delivery architecture. Alfresco supports a de-coupled architecture, in which content management is separate from content delivery. The advantages of this include strong support for multi-user content production, rich and flexible content modeling, multisite and multichannel publishing, and better scalability and performance.

Full Sail leveraged the help of Rivet Logic, a premier provider of professional services and consulting for open source content management systems, to implement and customize Alfresco. Full Sail had a significant investment in Cold Fusion presentation-tier technology and RivetLogic’s Crafter Rivet, an open source WCM application for Alfresco, was a perfect match. It allows Full Sail to utilize its own choice of Web application framework while providing seamless integration with Alfresco. Furthermore, the combined solutions delivers performance and integration flexibility required to quickly and effectively deploy sites with dynamic Web functionality.

Crafter Rivet’s ability to virtualize any type of Web application provides Full Sail with a complete In-Context Preview capability, which allows Web team members to view all content changes before submitting them for review and approval. Approved changes are reflected in every user’s preview of the site, so everyone is always working with the latest approved content — regardless of whether or not content is published to the live site.

Alfresco and Crafter Rivet enable a clean separation of code and content, giving the Full Sail Web team complete editorial control over any and all types of content on the site. For example, new navigation structures are automatically created when content is created freeing up developers time. Full Sail’s implementation also takes advantage of Crafter Rivet’s native support for search engine optimization, which includes user-friendly URLs and editorially controlled URL redirects helping to improve organic search results.


  • Full Sail has a significantly streamlined process for content authoring, editing, and publishing.
  • 95 percent the Full Sail website content — including page templates/layouts, images, videos, widget functionality, editorial content, navigation structures, CSS, etc.— live in Alfresco.
  • Edits to the new website can be done quickly and easily with no IT involvement.
  • With Alfresco and Crafter Rivet, Full Sail has improved employee productivity and allows editors to spend more time on visionary creative content development.
  • Full Sail’s fresh and relevant content has resulted in more site visitors, more unique page views, and more engaged visitors.

What’s Next

Full Sail recently upgraded to Rivet Logic’s Crafter Studio for a richer content authoring experience.

Full Sail is now contemplating how it can leverage the combined Alfresco and Rivet Logic solution in its sister schools—The Los Angeles Film School and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver.