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Getaz Miauton Customer Story

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  • The human resources department at the company’s head office accesses documents in the same way as the regional managers distributed throughout the country.
  • The implementation of the Alfresco solution has resulted in significant changes for users: reduced handling of paper documents, information available in real time, secure access to data (from the HR management software package).

Context and challenges

The company Gétaz Miauton was founded in French-speaking Switzerland in 1910. The company offers a wide range of products for the home. Wood, tiles, building and landscaping materials, bathrooms, kitchens and domestic appliances — Gétaz Miauton specialises in everything necessary for construction, renovation and home improvement.

From its origins as a family business, Gétaz Miauton is now part of the CRH Group which employs 2,500 people with a turnover of 1.6 billion Swiss francs.

In 2008, Gétaz Miauton decided to acquire an Electronic Document Management solution to archive and manage all of its human resources documents. Market research was performed to study the offerings available to solve the important problems of document storage. In fact, the company needs to store not only documents relating to current employees, but also some specific documents for employees who have left the company. As well as this archiving problem, the goal was to achieve quick and easy access to all documents, particularly to those that are confidential and stored in cabinets with protected access.

In addition, information had to be accessible from multiple locations. In fact, apart from its headquarters, the company maintains offices in all countries where it is active. The regional managers must be able, in the same way as the human resources department in the head office, to access the documents of the employees they need to manage.

Implemented solution

As part of the market research, several solutions were analysed. Alfresco was one of the evaluated solutions. In principle, it benefits from the fact that it is already installed in one of the Group’s entities.

After investigating the various offers, Alfresco was selected. It has the advantage of being easy to implement, which allows rapid deployment. Its flexibility permits the development of other customised functionalities when needed. Finally, although this was not an absolute selection criterion, it allows a reduction of operating costs, thanks to its open-source model. This tangible advantage was a very convincing argument for Gétaz Miauton. 6 to 8 months were required to implement the project.

The current volume of data to be integrated into the Alfresco solution was quite modest. In contrast, there was a significant volume of historical data to be included. The work involved in digitising the documents was particularly onerous so it was performed with Kofax software. Upstream of this digitisation was necessary to classify the documents by determining the different categories into which the documents should be grouped such as training, holidays, absences due to work stoppages, etc.

Currently, access to documents is organised by tabs. One tab dedicated to training, another dedicated to holidays... Access to particular tabs is granted to employees in the human resources department and to regional managers based on the documents they need, which are directly linked to their position.

For example, insofar as they are considered confidential, access to documents related to sick leave is reserved for the human resources department. On the other hand, documents related to everything involved in employee training can be accessed by the human resources department as well as by the regional managers. In addition to the regional managers and the human resources department, all team managers are allowed to access certain documents relating to their team members, such as training documents, employment contracts, employment certificates, agreements on objectives or even breakdowns of absences. All employees also have access to a number of documents related to themselves. The documents are viewed from an Allegro tool, which is called by Alfresco in a way transparent to the user.


For Gétaz Miauton, the next step would be to open up the Alfresco platform to all company employees so that they can access documents related to themselves, such as their payslips and the breakdown of their holidays and absences.


Finally, all documentation relating to newly hired employees is now fully managed using the Alfresco platform.

“We needed to integrate a very large volume of documents into the Alfresco platform. The most significant volume was represented by archived documents. The volume of current documents was lower.”

— Yves Fauth, ERP Project Manager, Gétaz Miauto