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JMD Customer Story

JMD Increases Productivity with Alfresco

Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings Limited, through its subsidiary, JMD, specialist supplier of insurance services, has doubled its Lloyds’ client base on its binding authority management service in the last year alone. The resulting eight-fold increase in the volume of data and process challenges confronting them meant that the business required a content management platform that would continue to scale with them. All to deliver exceptional customer service and manage a high quality, specialist, and lean business with profitable operating margins.

Alfresco Platform required due to data deluge

JMD has a team of 400+ insurance professionals based in the UK, US, Bermuda and Europe. It has a wide-ranging service capability and is focused on delivering a competitive, personalized service.

Due to its client’s influx of transactions, most of which were in just the last three months, JMD’s growing quantity of data was a big challenge. As well as the need to manage multiple interconnected processes and easily track accountability of them. Data standardization was also important – inconsistent file formatting was unstructured and hindered productivity.

Additionally, the company must abide by strict market regulations. Requirements must be fulfilled under Conduct Risk, Pillar 3 (supervisory reporting and disclosure) and Solvency II, enabling insurers to ensure that their delegated authorities are providing complete and accurate data, and are thereby complying to specific protocols.

Rob Dewen, Director of JMD said, “We required a future-proof solution that could integrate with our existing equipment, which also enabled us to achieve structured and standardized data paths that abide to the market’s compliance needs.”

To solve these challenges, JMD turned to IT consultant Perspective Technologies, who highly recommended Alfresco One and Alfresco Activiti. The open source nature of the content and process management software gave the flexibility and scale for the company’s growth plans. Other off-the-shelf solutions have a high cost per change request and greater development time, whereas open-standards makes it easier to implement modifications to service offerings as required. Thus, enabling easy extension and customization, delivering collaborative content management that simplifies the capturing, sharing, integration, and retrieval of information across virtual teams.


Productivity is increased by 20 percent with Alfresco Platform

The Alfresco platform was easily integrated with the company’s email system, meaning that this information could be pulled into corresponding records automatically. This gave JMD instant visibility and management of data received, date filed, and by what user, which enables easier auditing. While Activiti manages and transforms the data, provided to the format and location required. Additionally, any compliance exceptions are sent back to the business user for review thanks to this interconnectivity.

JMD’s new streamlined content and workflow processes mean that today, the business has clear oversight for document management and ownership. Also, process flow time has been cut, which has made it easier to manage increased workloads.

Rob Dewen, Director of JMD commented, “Employees can now execute
their daily tasks more efficiently, with automatically generated document paths that plan, notify, and record activity as it happens. Thus, we have seen admin times reduce by up to 20 percent. This is thanks to the elimination of manual checking of tick boxes, which is prone to user error, and data being pulled from multiple sources into one – including from third parties. It gives us a new and effective visibility of bottlenecks and performance. We couldn’t manage the volume of data that we do without Alfresco’s software and reliability is never a concern.”

Since installation of the new system in October 2014 the platform has
facilitated significant growth.  Over the last two years JMD has processed more than 130,000 bordereaux files from agency companies, uploaded 12.5 million premiums, claims and risk details, and performed 65 million automated regulatory and compliance checks; seven million of which were in the last month alone.


Automated regulatory and compliance results in customer satisfaction

Abiding by strict market regulations, JMD fulfils its clients’ reporting
requirements and ensures employees provide complete and accurate data always to comply. Alfresco’s open standards architecture helps
to meet these stringent regulatory requirements, with its customizable, secure software that enables effective information governance. Business agility is also improved and ease of auditability achieved.

This has accelerated customer satisfaction, as JMD clients have more visibility into performance and now receive enriched standardized data. Additionally, a customer oversight committee is enjoying their afforded input into the future structure and design of the system, and service on an ongoing basis.


Integrating process and content for ultimate business output

This level of data and process transformation has greatly simplified and strengthened information governance and compliance for JMD. Its integration with multiple in-house systems ensures a structured workflow and the open source model has cost-effective, on-demand scalability that future-proofs the business.

“Employees can now execute their daily tasks more efficiently, with automatically generated document paths that plan, notify, and record activity as it happens. Thus, we have seen admin times reduce by up to 20 percent. We couldn’t manage the volume of data that we do without Alfresco’s software and reliability is never a concern.”

— Rob Dewen, Director of JMD