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Lantik Manages Over One Hundred Million Documents with Alfresco, Increasing Productivity and ROI

Lantik, S.A., is the public information services society of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia. Lantik provides corporate technological infrastructure and IT services to the government, parliament and the Historical Territory of Bizkaia, which includes a combined 1.2 million citizens over 112 municipalities. 

The Challenge

When it comes to managing the sensitive documents and images related to Bizkaia citizens’ government affairs, security is critically important.

As the provider of corporate technological infrastructure and IT services to the government of Bizkaia, Lantik was using three different repositories to manage and store Bizkaia’s critical documents – some to satisfy the requirements of its Cobol applications and others to serve the requirements of its Java applications. In many cases, multiple repositories contained copies of the same images and documents. 

Lantik needed an open source solution to consolidate its document management services into a single repository to better manage and store all of its content. 

“We wanted to simplify the content management infrastructure, reduce costs and create a common corporate repository in which to lodge all of the documents of the government of Bizkaia,” said Valentin Garcia, Infrastructure & Development Manager. 

The Solution

After evaluating several solutions, Lantik chose Alfresco because of its open architecture, ease of customization and overall performance. With the help of Alfresco partner Varios, the solution built on the Alfresco platform was successfully implemented and more than one million documents were migrated to Alfresco from On Demand, Image+ and FileNet systems over several months. 

Today, our solution built on Alfresco Content Services serves as the single repository for all of Bizkaia’s content and has completely optimized the document management process. Both the Java and Cobol applications have been modified to point to Alfresco. 

“We selected Alfresco because it was able to collect images from the legacy repositories and offer the necessary performance for a government that serves a population of 1.2 million people in 112 municipalities,” said Garcia. “Alfresco has provided us with better document management, increased productivity, and it is compatible with our legacy applications.”

The Results

Today, there are over 10,000 users of Alfresco in Bizkaia and the repository is used to manage and archive over one hundred million documents. 

“We saw value just ten months after implementing Alfresco and the feedback from users has been very positive,” said Garcia. “Currently, Alfresco is a core part of our platform, meeting all the storage and treatment requirements of the images in our data collection, both from Java and Cobol applications. Alfresco is a powerful management technology using open standards with an unbeatable return on investment.”

The move to Alfresco was part of the construction of a new, wider digital technological strategy for the government of Bizkaia designed to simplify and standardize content management through digital transformation. The next step will be to enrich content by increasing the amount of metadata to improve searchability and make it easier to access documents through a unified framework. 

In just two years, Lantik has already seen a huge cost savings and productivity has substantially increased, as users only need to use a single platform. 

“We have obtained economic savings higher than 50% per year,” said Garcia. “Our experience with Alfresco could not have been better. It has allowed us to do everything we wanted with a single tool, and also fits with our strategy of using open source business programs.”

“Alfresco is a powerful enterprise content management technology, using open standards, with an unbeatable return on investment. We have obtained economic savings higher than 50% per year.”
– Valentin Garcia, Infrastructure & Development Manager, Lantik