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Mannheimer Insurance Group Customer Story

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  • Fast and secure migration
  • Considerable cost reduction, high stability and versatility
  • Replaced legacy system with a modern ECM platform based open standards
  • High user acceptance


When an archive system no longer reflects state-of-the-art technology, is hard to maintain and costly, cannot support new use cases, and frustrates the IT department — it is time for a change.

Mannheimer Insurance Group is a large insurance company operating in Germany, Switzerland and across the EU. Reliability and stability are important factors in the insurance industry, both with respect to customer relations and corporate IT systems. Mannheimer’s legacy archive system could no longer completely fulfill these fundamental principles. The cost-intensive maintenance agreements of the former vendor, the inflexible licensing as well as the stability of the system were also insufficient. The Mannheimer IT department could hardly cover new use cases and thus had to reject requests for new document management applications from other departments. That led to dissatisfaction both in the IT department as well as among users.

Mannheimer Insurance Group sought an alternative solution that would provide stability, long-term security of investments and flexible licensing options. The new system would need to be future-proof, effective, cost-efficient and improve overall ECM adoption among IT and end-users.


In 2010, Mannheimer Insurance Group selected Alfresco Enterprise. Based on Mannheimer’s evaluation, Alfresco had already proven itself as capable of meeting the reliability, high performance and security demands set by other large enterprises. Using CMIS to connect Alfresco to its other systems, Mannheimer knew it could continuously provide unaltered, familiar applications to its users.

Once the strategic decision was made to move to Alfresco, the company’s 14 million documents needed to be migrated to Alfresco. These documents are regularly accessed by 700 of the company’s 840 employees in case and file management systems. The migration was managed by a team from Mannheimer and WeWebU. Completing the migration in a limited time frame before the end of the maintenance agreement for the legacy system was no easy task. WeWebU’s extensive knowledge and migration experience was essential to the success of the project while also ensuring continuous operations of the system for employees.

Mannheimer maintained the legacy archive system temporarily while the new archive was built using the Alfresco ECM platform. All documents including sales agents settlements from the company’s SAP system (which account for a majority of the document volume), as well as traditional paper documents, are brought into the Alfresco system via central and local scanners. These documents have been synchronized into the new system as part of the legacy data migration. Through this process, many millions of documents were converted from TIFF to PDF.

While the old and the new system operated in parallel, WeWebU’s transaction-save document migration solution ensured that all activities were always reproducible and the complete process was logged. In case of an error, a recovery of the document stack was possible at any time.

In order to guarantee revision security, an auditor certified the migration path. By the planned deadline, the complete document stack of 14 million documents was transferred to the Alfresco Enterprise server. In addition, inbox system used by most employees was migrated to the new system without any disruptions to ongoing operations.


  • Successfully replaced a legacy system and migrated 14 million documents to a central Alfresco repository.
  • CMIS was used to integrate Alfresco content with existing Mannheimer systems ensuring that documents are accessible to the company’s 700 users through the systems they were familiar with.
  • Mannheimer now has a flexible document repository that can grow with the organization and be leveraged across other document centric business processes.
  • Alfresco offers Mannheimer significant cost advantages and benefits compared to its previous legacy system.

What’s Next

Replacing Mannheimer legacy system with a modern, powerful and flexible system from Alfresco allows the company to leverage document management capabilities for new use cases across the organization. Currently, the company is considering using Alfresco-based workflows as well as Alfresco Workdesk for electronic file management.

“Using Alfresco exceeds other ECM solutions not only regarding costs, but also according to the range of functions and the benefits for users. We plan to employ the WeWebU team to migrate additional repositories to Alfresco ECM and thus to further consolidate our existing system environment.”

— Norbert Koch, Head of IT, Mannheimer Insurance Group