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Nexant Advances its Software Solutions with Alfresco Activiti

San Francisco-based Nexant is a globally recognized software, consulting and services leader that provides innovative solutions to utilities, energy enterprises, chemical companies and government entities worldwide. Nexant provides deep technical expertise and regional knowledge to enhance energy efficiency programs and processes.



As a leading provider of consulting and services to the oil, electricity and gas industries, Nexant have more than 650 employees and 60 large, complex utility customers around the globe.

Each of these customers has dozens of highly complex processes that involve people and complex integrations to numerous systems of record. Typically handling upwards to a million simultaneous process instances, high performance at Internet scale is mandatory.

Nexant’s software division created a Business Process Management (BPM) based solution to manage the specific processes utility companies use to replace equipment on commercial and residential sites, as well as the rebate management processes. The legacy BPM product they were dependent on had become problematic leading to customer dissatisfaction, escalating operational costs and had to be replaced.

“We were experiencing significant performance and reliability problems with our existing BPM product from Intalio. The product had a lot of bugs and our development team had to create an incredible number of manual processes to troubleshoot and work around the bugs. We needed to replace it with a modern, reliable and highly performant BPM product that would improve overall customer satisfaction,” said Simon Evans, Nexant’s vice president of engineering.



While evaluating solutions, Nexant had the following criteria for its new BPM platform: open source, open industry standards, reliability, scalability and comprehensive enterprise support, Evans said. Nexant chose Alfresco Activiti (Activiti) as their next generation BPM product. 

Today, Nexant’s customers can use Activiti’s web-based process modeler to effectively design and document their business processes. With the power of Activiti, Nexant can now empower their customers to develop their own processes with precision and accurately which saves Nexant time and money while increasing time to value for their customers. Activiti is the underlying process execution engine for all core business processes, including the process to track rebates, which drives the financial performance of the overall solution.

“With our previous platform, we had to hire and engage the vendor to make every change,” said Evans. “With Activiti, we no longer need to engage the vendor to make every process change - we can do it ourselves, which is faster, cheaper and ultimately improves customer satisfaction and the overall economic value of our offering.”



The agility Activiti provides enabled Nexant to seamlessly replace Intalio BPM without interrupting day-to-day business operations. The Activiti platform both performs faster and flawlessly at very high transaction volumes, Evans said. 

"Alfresco is a good match for us because they understand enterprise software and large scale enterprise environments. With Alfresco, there has been a reduction in support cases and faster overall processing times greatly improving the customer experience."

 — Simon Evans, VP of Engineering