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Nukissiorfiit Improves Business Processes with Alfresco One Delivering a Solution Architected for the Future

Nukissiorfiit, meaning, “where energies are created” in Greenlandic language, is a government-owned energy company that supplies most of Greenland with electricity, water and heat. Most of its energy is produced by renewable sources such as hydropower from the Qorlortorsuaq Dam.


As Greenland’s primary supplier of electricity, water and heat, Nukissiorfiit Greenland Utility employs over 400 people spread across five districts, 16 towns, 55 townships and 76 locations.

“Before Alfresco, employees used a combination of legacy systems, personal mail, servers and disks to store their content, making it difficult for the company’s lines of business to collaborate and share content,” said Nicolai Sally, CIO, Enterprise Architect with Nukissiorfiit.

Nukissiorfiit needed more than just a digital archive system – it needed an enterprise-wide content management solution to improve the quality of its existing content, more effectively archive content, and enable users to share and collaborate from a common platform.


Initially, Nukissiorfiit built a basic document management system using the Alfresco Community Edition, and due to the solution’s popularity within the organization, the usage grew and the demand for stability, performance and support increased making the decision to upgrade to Alfresco One Enterprise an easy one.

The migration from Alfresco Community Edition to Alfresco One Enterprise only took a few months and the Enterprise solution now successfully serves as Nukissiorfiit’s core document management platform. “Alfresco’s open architecture and ease of use, as well as its integrity and security of data, affords us the ability to scale the solution as the company grows,” said Sally.

With Alfresco, Nukissiorfiit can now define “rules” for document and case handling, minimizing the duplication of data and registrations while also maintaining version control. Content is captured digitally at the time of conception, reducing the dependence on paper, and is indexed and classified with metadata for improved search ability.


Nukissiorfiit has improved its business processes through the Alfresco platform’s enterprise content management alignment and potential for automation. Coherent case concepts have been established, as well as end-to-end document and case handling. The company has been able to improve risk management and safeguard access to verified documentation such as legal requirements including technical documentation, archives and personal data, while improving collaboration and sharing between business lines. Alfresco’s Outlook integration enables users to retrieve and archive critical content from user mailboxes to improve operational documentation, compliance and sharing.

Nukissiorfiit’s users can access Alfresco sites, cases and folders directly from Outlook. This accessibility and ease of use has made adoption of the platform easy and has helped to resolve tasks using ECM as a key tool.

“The Outlook integration for Alfresco helped us retrieve and archive loads of critical content from user mailboxes for improved operational documentation, compliance and sharing. Ease of use and easy access to Alfresco sites, cases and folders directly from Outlook has driven users to our Alfresco platform, leading to improved adoption rates,” said Sally. In the near future, Nukissiorfiit plans to expand the use of Alfresco to include customer case and workload management, as well integrate with Alfresco in the cloud.

“Alfresco’s open architecture and ease of use, as well as its integrity and security of data, affords us the ability to scale the solution as the company grows”

 — Nicolai Sally, CIO, Enterprise Architect, Nukissiorfiit Greenland Utility