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Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust Customer Story

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Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust provides NHS care and treatment for people living in southeast England. Care is provided in people’s homes, in specialist clinics, hospitals, GP surgeries and prisons. Services are aimed at children, young people and adults of all ages and many are provided in partnership.


The Trust had been seeking a suitable solution for storing and managing documents, images, video and other content within the Trust.

The solution also needed to integrate with Carenotes, the system that will be used as the Trust’s Electronic Patient Record System, to hold uploaded content such as patient documents.

In line with Government guidance, and the Trust’s own commitment to equally evaluate open source alongside proprietary, the Trust were signposted to Alfresco One; an open source Enterprise Content Management System, which facilitates the management of any type of content, such as reports, patient files, scans and images and clinical notes.

Following a thorough evaluation of a number of leading Enterprise Content Management Systems, Alfresco’s open source solution was identified as the most appropriate choice, being scalable and flexible enough to meet the needs of the Trust now and in the future.


Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust took a decision to use Alfresco One as a headless repository, eliminating the need for training and integrating seamlessly into the familiar user interface of Carenotes. This would make the transition as straightforward for users as possible.

The implementation process will be happening in stages, with the Trust initially migrating 2.5 million documents that are currently residing in the electronic patient record system.

Following the successful migration of the existing records, the Trust will embark on a digitisation project, to scan and store the latest volume of all current paper clinical records, in line with NHS England’s wider digital roadmap and paperless 2018 commitments.

The next stage of the project’s lifecycle will be to extend the content management capabilities to include non-clinical systems, such as HR and administration. Using Alfresco’s cloud solution, the Trust can extend the capabilities of the content management platform to partner organisations outside of the corporate network, but do so in a way that is safe and secure.


By bringing all documents from the Trust’s key clinical systems into a single repository, staff will benefit from a streamlined process with more accurate indexing of documents, and a reduction in the time spent looking for documents. Clinicians will be able to respond to patients’ needs in a timely manner, ultimately allowing the Trust to deliver better patient care.

With a powerful search tool, Alfresco One puts clinical content right at staff fingertips, when they need it, reducing the time spent retrieving documentation and increasing the time available to spend with patients. Content stored in the repository is always in synch and all users, both internally and externally via the cloud, can be assured that they are viewing the most current content. A records management module ensures that all content can be tracked and managed throughout its lifecycle.

With a planned go live date of July 2015, the Trust is using Alfresco in a test environment, while integration with Carenotes is achieved. Once the system is live and proven successful the Trust will begin its business case for adoption by the wider Trust, specifically corporate services, in order to further benefit from the anticipated administration time savings and business efficiencies.

Using Alfresco in a private cloud, the Trust plans to extend access to the selected stored content to relevant partner organisations, in a controlled, secure way.

“We chose Alfresco because it appears to have all the functionality we need both now and in the future.”

— Theresa Jones, Head of IT Solutions, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust