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Leading low cost Asian airline streamlines document management across multiple countries with Alfresco


  • Enabled secure document sharing and collaboration across eight departments in three countries
  • Automated content-centric workflow for critical business processes and reduced the need for paper documentation
  • Created immediate user adoption and better team collaboration
  • Provided a centralized and secured storage of content


Asia’s largest low-fare airline, wanted to digitize its existing paper documents and make them available to employees electronically in order to improve workflow processes. The company wanted to reduce manual paperwork and set up document sharing across eight departments in three countries. The goal was to streamline processes, integrate with other business systems and enable quick decision making by managers.

For example, this customer receives hundreds of paper invoices per day and needed a system that could electronically capture and store invoices as well as integrate them into automated workflows for improved processing. Having one centralized repository would make it easy to share and manage documents such as invoices across departments instead of using email or paper files.

For this project, this customer’s IT team evaluated document management systems based on their key requirements which included:

  • Capability to create a robust workflow for document approval
  • Be built off of open, standards-based architecture for easy integration with legacy systems
  • Integrate with its existing Kofax software for document capture
  • Become a centralized secure repository that could be used across multiple countries


After evaluating solutions from Oracle, IBM and Alfresco, the customer selected Alfresco as it was the most scalable and cost effective solution and could be easily customized to meet the airline’s needs. From the beginning, the company was impressed with the user friendliness of the Alfresco Platform allowing employees to connect to the document repository from their existing Windows environment. With Alfresco, users did not need to learn new publication methods making it an easy transition.

For the implementation, the customer turned to Alfresco’s Global Partner, Tech Mahindra to set up the system and integrate it with Kofax for the capture and ingestion of content. The implementation, customization and integration was done is phases over 18 months. The system needed to be configured and customized to support single sign-on for its offices in multiple countries. A centralized repository was created for the multiple countries that ensure secure document access based on permission levels.

Once the new system was in place, Tech Mahindra mapped workflows for the creation, review and approval of documents. A customized user interface was created with the company’s logo allowing employees to see what documents needed their review or approval.

The reporting capabilities also allow management to see what documents are in the review process or where there may be inefficiencies.

The Alfresco Platform integrates with numerous departmental legacy systems, such as the company’s financial management system to streamline business processes including invoice management. This integration provides a single user interface across multiple systems making it easy for departments to search, retrieve and save results across all their systems. Additional custom workflows have been developed for each department based on their specific requirements and needs.


  • Client now has a feature-rich content platform to automate its document workflow processes across multiple countries
  • Automated invoice processing is made simple with Kofax document capture and Alfresco workflows
  • Over 700 active users can now share and access documents securely for improved decision making
  • Current Alfresco repository holds over 50 GB of data (the customer captures and digitizes between 80 – 100 paper documents daily using the integrated Kofax/Alfresco solution)

What’s Next

The customer plans to expand its implementation and is looking at implementing a Knowledge Management System on Alfresco.

“With Alfresco our client now has one centralized global document repository that their employees across Asia can use to access, store and share departmental documents. As a result of automating document workflows and integrating with legacy systems, our client’s business processes are more efficient and its employees can make business decisions faster, which has allowed them to remain Asia’s best low-cost airline for the past three years.”

— Anshul Sharma, Tech Mahindra